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It’s a sad sad story especially as it’s just the 6th day of the new year 2020. While some are still elated and heaving a sigh of great relief for making another new year, especially starting a new decade with vigor and great belief. While many are so happy that it’s another opportunity to change certain things about their lives, at the same time some are already mourning. Crying tears of regret as their loved ones, who some have thought would probably live forever have suddenly passed on and gone to the great beyond.

Truly the real fact is and without mincing words too, death is a creep, a thief, a destroyer and is actually the most vicious, most uncaring, most terrible enemy of man. And that terrible entity known to many as the grim reaper as struck again, leaving tears, anguish and pain in its wake. And one of it’s early candidate in this new year is a Nollywood practitioner, a budding thespian by the name Jennifer Omole.

The dark skinned lady who is an actress and a producer and in fact the owner of Jennis Film Production Ltd and a good friend of both Uche Ogbodo and Victoria Inyama, passed away suddenly on January 3, 2020 just a few days into the new year leaving just memories of all that’s great and good about her behind for her people and fans and other loved ones.

Life truly is fleeting. And like the great ‘Elton John’ sang, the life is like a candle🕯 in the wind. You are here today and could be gone like a puff of wind in the next second.

Her good friend and colleague, Uche announced her demise on her IG page with obvious pain thus-

On 3rd January My Dearest Friend @jenniferomole Passed On. I’m Hurting Deep In My Heart but Only God Knows Best. Pls Say A Rest In Peace Prayer for My Girl.”

May the soul of the dearly departed find rest. May her family members and friends and other loved ones have the fortitude to bear the sad and terribly untimely loss.


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