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So sorry that we are just coming out with this. And we are very happy again to welcome you all into 2020, a mystical year of great experience and expectations. Already as you can see, the year is running quite fast and we have already done about 9 days already and the 10th day is running out fast, the year is running 🏃 like there’s somewhere it is racing to. So inevitably that already tells us all that, whatsoever it is we put our hands and minds on to do, we must do it quickly, as time truly waits for no one.

So again from the deepest most recess of our beautiful ♥ heart, we say all over again, WELCOME to the year 2020. That you are a part of the new year, new decade, is majorly because Grace and Mercy as brought you thus far. Some did actually cross over into January 1st 2020, but many have also crossed over to the great beyond already too, it wasn’t like they planned it like that. So they actually saw it, but never tasted of the good therein. Even with all the preparations and New year resolutions planned and packaged.

May we all that have begun it in good health and with the hearts of excitable expectations, see it through till the very end with at least most of our expectations met. So that at the end of December 31, 2020, we would have exclaimed and exhaled and shouted that, God was great to us all and that we are far better than how we started it.

Thanks to the likes of Gbogbo Bigz Gal, Mama BornGirl, Aproko, Blair Witch, Fan, Oolong Darjeeling and many of you great Anon and many of those we couldn’t readily recall now, all our great fans and uncommon supporters for standing by us through thick and thin. We appreciate you all, we Love you all equally and appreciate your time and effort and support. We also apologize for some of our shortcomings. May Goodness and mercy and grace wrap around you all like a vice all through 2020. May all your endeavors yield GREAT results and fruits too. May all your expectations not be cut off



1. We are so elated to tell you all that we are finally moving fully to our own platform . It has not been easy at all, but the creator has been kind and benevolent to us. It has been a labor of love and sacrifice. We are still not satisfied though, but we would not rest on our oars. We sincerely ask for your unflinching support and help to remain at the top. What we do is not easy at all, so send us hints, stories that fits our kind of package and all and we promise to do justice to such henceforth. Let’s explore and do excellent things in 2020. The site is very ready as we speak. Check it

A peek into our crystal ball like the famous Nostradamus would have done were he to have been alive reveals that-

Olori Shilekunola Morounke Naomi Ogunwusi


2. We are highly expectant as it concerns the household of our highly revered monarch of gracious gait. That’s talking about Yoruba’s Numero Uno royal father himself, in the person of his imperial majesty, ‘Alaiyeluwa Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja II’. The one and only, most regal Ooni of Ife, a man of excessive panache & carriage, probably the most stylish royal father to date in Nigeria. 2020 would most probably or definitely be the year that Olori, that’s his, stupendously gorgeous and mild mannared, prophet wife by name, ‘Olori Shilekunola Morounke Naomi Ogunwusi’ would most likely put to bed.

We are actually expecting either a twin or triplet and even if just one, either boy or girl, (we suspect an heir) no matter the gender though, we would still be most elated for the royal family; who are our equivalent of the English Royal Family. But something tells us though, that it’s most likely going to be twin. That unpleasant elevator experience in our own opinion, though a funny and unfortunate experience could actually be a pointer towards something that would finally emerge and bring major relief at its emergence. Ninu ikoko dudu le ko funfun, tin jade (out of the blackened coal pot is where solid white palp comes from). The wise would understand.

Olori Hadiza Saheed Elegushi


3. Still on the royal houses. All things being equal, the household of another regal monarch, a filthy rich monarch at that, in the person of Alaiyeluwa Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi Kusenla III, the Elegushi of Ikateland and environs through his 2nd wife, in the person of the very dashing Olori (Queen Hadiza Saheed Elegushi) should also be expecting or better still be welcoming a new visitor in the mold of a bouncing baby (a bambino).

We hear though that maybe before or after the bambino or bambinos might have arrived, if things go as planned, we might be having the Lagos leg of the Kano ceremony too. An official Lagos Owambe to welcome Olori Gushi II, officially into Kabiyesi’s harem. Meaning it could just be a 2-pronged off the hook celebration then.

May it happen as the royal family contemplates it.

Alaiyeluwa Oba AbdulRosheed Adewale Akanbi Telu 1, Oluwo of Iwo


4. Yet more on our royal fathers who are a lot in our focus this year. Remember that they are goldfishes without any hiding places. We are so very sure, in fact, we are ready to place a big bet on it that, a new Olori (queen) that would replace the former queen Chanel Chin is somewhere in the horizon already, waiting to be ushered into the palace of his royal majesty, Alaiyeluwa Oba AbdulRosheed Adewale Akanbi Telu 1, the Oluwo of Iwo, the self styled billionaire Emperor and representative of the God (god). The authority over the gods or is it deities, who had late last year sent his ex-wife a Canadian citizen and her child, their child packing in a most ignoble manner, that had raised eyebrows.

Kabiyesi would most definitely be in need of another trophy wife to take her place besides him. And a slim shady (copyright Eminem) we hear is already titillating though under the radar right now, the heart of Nigeria’s most flamboyant, most outlandish king yet. To say it without much aplomb, all things being equal a new Olori is on her way in without a doubt. A lady is even said to have been seen around kabiyesi even if clandestinely, that’s even before his fiasco with the now estranged ex-wife Chanel Chin became public.

Burna Boy


5. All through the new year more very current international music acts from around the world (globe), by that we mean reigning ones would come visiting for one show or the other in Nigeria and also Ghana too. The inimitable Cardi B most probably gave us (Nigeria) the best PR ever that any international star could have given the country. That she came, saw and conquered, having 7 stars fun unlimited, which she spoke happily about for all to hear was a massive coup for us. Her testimony about Nigeria is going to make great impact on the international entertainment scene, so that those international stars have begun to have another better narrative of us.

Thanks also to the likes of Burna Boy, who is the current most marketable music star from Nigeria, then also Naira Marley, the lord of the Marlians movement, Nigeria’s rave of the moment and other super stars like Wizkid, Davido, Kizz Daniel, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade Nigeria’s own undoubted music living legend 2Baba and a few more. Nigeria would continually enjoy the attention of the world too. There’s the most certain likelihood that Burna Boy, who is currently “NIGERIA’S MOST STYLISH ENTERTAINER” bar none, would cart home the Grammy for which he has been nominated for, for the first time by a Nigerian winner or even real African act. This past Derty December 2019 was the most epic one ever, but it would most likely be beaten hands down by the upcoming 2020 edition. Burna is also most likely to surpass all other music stars in terms of earning in 2020.

To even let you know that crazy money is pouring in left, right, center in torrent. His mom’s first class, 5-stars apartment in Ikoyi at Femi O….. is a sight to behold and his own place too, hmmmmmmm. Let’s just leave it at that. The Rolls Royce, Ferrari are just a tip of the iceberg.

Mercedes Benz A-Class Maybach


6. Baring any unforeseen circumstances that could prolong the emergence of the new king, the next Oniru of Iruland, Lagos would have been declared before the end of the 1st quarter of the year, meaning by latest March of 2020, a king would have been announced take over the reign of the kingdom that used to be cast and very rich. If what we have seen in our crystal ball happens just as it should, then the new Oniru of Lagos, Alaiyeluwa….. Oba, would most likely be driven to the palace in a cascade of glory, in a gleaming, brand spanking new, top of the crop [2019/2020 Mercedes Benz S-Class Maybach]. This chariot of the super duper rich, is one of the most luxurious sedans in the world with a starting price of $175000 with 70% duty and other charges added it would come to about $297500 approximately $300000 which in Naira comes to N108m give or take. That kind of amount should point everyone somewhere.

If that car would be the official chariot of the new incoming royal father, it would actually then mean that status quo would actually be maintained somewhat, despite all of the intrigues that has followed the picking of the most eligible prince for the vacant throne.

Wink 😉.


7. Finally an authentic, a truly 4 to 5 stars hotel worth its salt, that cannot be questioned should be ready for operation latest, middle to the last quarter of 2020. Like you have already read from the subtitle, it is a Marriott hotel and it would be located in GRA, Ikeja super highbrow area of the mainland that can comfortably stand shoulder to shoulder with Ikoyi.

The 250 plus rooms investment is finally and slowly reaching finishing stages. It is owned by the Billionaire chairman of Sifax Group of Companies and Sahcol, who is the philanthropic father of LAX. When the place is fully functional, we can bet it would employ a high number of people in their hundreds. Dr. Taiwo Afolabi, the financier, is known to be one of the most benevolent of rich Nigerians ever in history. We hear that ex-beauty queen and event architect extraordinaire and lady of God, Ibidun Ighodalo is actively involved in the construction of the 4 to 5 stars hotel, at least as it has to do with the 1st class interior designs. When it opens it promises to be the best hotel in Lagos.


8. On this very note it shall be very glaring. We mean the battle to outshine, out-wear each other. Many who cannot afford to buy G-wagons, would do all that’s is humanly possible to get Range Rovers or other cars that they believe can assure them of bragging rights in this their rat race. Their Bermuda Triangle would indeed work over time this season. As they must announce themselves as the new ‘yeyebrities’ that have arrived anew. Get set to see the social media get flooded by stories of supposed new unprecedented acquisitions. Desperation would be to the power of  infinity. And nothing would be off limit. Their motto would infact be, “the end justifies the means. Grown ass men would literally walk and fall into open traps and would pay through their noses for it. Many would be pus@# whipped to submission and the end result would be someone celebrating new cars and things.

Just wait and see!!!


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