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The Bad Boys franchise began a few years back and both of those flicks were great movies as they combined full throttle, non stop action with hilarious comedy, a fantastic, badass combo that won the 2 main men in the flicks a whole lot of fans then. So maybe a whole lot of people, including the new generation were craving for a reprise of a sort. Especially now, that a whole lot of movies have been disappointing, Many being just major anti-climax.

So we got invited to come be a part of the premiere of this new addition to the already successful franchise and we wanted to see the badass friends Will Smith and Martin Lawrence do their thing like they do it again and truth be told, from the bottom of our ♥ heart, we had fun and fun galore.

So the venue was Film House at Landmark Center. We had heard that they had opened the new cinema about a few weeks before, but hadn’t had the opportunity to go there. We love going to the cinema a whole lot. In fact and very curiously so, it’s one of our major way to relax, to chill out.

So when the invitation came we grabbed it with both hands and quickly too and off to the Landmark center we went. It’s a cosy place no doubt. A good and more cosier rival to the Imax center in Lekki that we have always favored above all others before. Still quite new, so the seats were still very intact and the place was cool all round, in fact the convenience (gents) too! That’s very important for me. Just as you enter the entrance of the cinema, is the 365 Lounge to your right, a very well appointed place we must say. It even has a covered open place outside too, where you could comfortably lounge if you so desire. The ticket consoles are to your immediate left as you go in. Then as you move in there’s the Spur restaurant to your right, where I always enjoy their seafood platter and ahead of you is the stairs that leads to the cinema upstairs. It’s a very well thought out place.

The movie BAD BOYS For Life, was supposed to start at 6pm, but we had arrived late, by at least an hour. So we had to wait for the next set (batch) of people to go in, which was for 8.30pm. So it was the opportunity for some backslapping and mingling over cocktails and the super yummy finger foods provided. The mingling area is quite cosy too, on each of the tables you could engage in some games while waiting if you so desire and there’s a small bar place to serve one, if you want something.

We were in good company and in good spirit too, what can one do after having a good glass of rum on the rocks and coke. There was the super talented Seyi Shay, fashionista extraordinaire Idia Aisien, the quite gorgeous Funmi Ahmed, our very own Noble Igwe, the fun loving, super hilarious madcap Denrele Edun, Shade Ladipo, the ever stylish Denola and a host of many others. It was a packed house to say the least, in fact it was packed to the rafters like they say. Yummy sweet popcorn and soft drinks were already served, awaiting everyone on their seats and then we got down to the business of the day, the film itself.

Since it just came out, we cannot do the spoiler by saying too much about the movie, you just have to go watch it and we are already planning to go again ourself, with some people we watched the same together with. That already says so much. All we can say now is that, it was 2 and more hours very well spent time at the very nice cinema. We are most definitely going to be hanging out more at the Landmark Cinema a whole lot now.
A brief idea of what we think about this movie. Action packed from the get go and super hilarious too. The twin comedic juggernaut Will Smith (Mike Lowery) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus Burnett), who is a bit chubbier now served us well. It was “pulsatingly” good and fun at the same time. The acting bang on. The new crew (The Ammo Team) did great too. Viking’s King Ragnar’s fierce 1st son (Bjorn Ironside) was a computer geek with badass strength here in Vad Boys. Though Martin Lawrence character (Marcus) was a lot more subdued action wise in this part of the series, he was still at his comedic best. The more older Will (Mike) is still a Bad Boy for Life, still a hothead, who would still jump into a situation before now thinking it through while in it. The combo villains, made up of a handsome young well buffed, action packed dude and a crafty lady witch were badass. That prison scene was epic!
The scenes were masterclass, especially the chase and all. And because the MX4D is so immersive and classy, you get to feel the adrenaline, all of the moves and action as they occur as your seats moves and things. You get to smell the fire, feel the air, it’s like you are literally touching the atmosphere. Camera angles were excellent too. I already feel like going to Miami!!!!
Maybe Porsche must have paid good money to feature in this movie, the gorgeousness of their car was in excellent display. Even Dell Computers too, as their name was not covered. The directors delivered a great action packed fun movie and the actors were on point, in their element. Yes, it wouldn’t win an Oscar, but it should most definitely make their $90m budget back without a whimper. And we watched it at a good place too. Kudos to Film House for a good ambience and great atmosphere. You have won yourself a lifetime friend and supporter. Silverbird needs to come learn from you guys.
The general consensus about the film and the cinema was, “A super great movie in a very nice place”.
In fact many are coming back for many reprises!!!! 🤩
Bad Boys bad boys what you gonna do, what you gonna do, when we come for you……
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Mbadiwe Twins
Idia Aisien
Noble Igwe
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Denrele & Denola

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