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#Let’s save
No one is challenging the courts decision! No one is saying she did the right thing!
No one wants her kids to be made orphans!


we plead for a lesser sentence and May God see us through.
Lets use social media to fight these Dear women.

Maryam Sanda was sentenced to death by hanging a few days back by an Abuja Court for killing her husband Bilyaminu Bello. She actually did herself in by her account of what transpired on the day and how her unfortunate husband, met his untimely demise.

Immediately the judge gave the sentence and pronounced the judgement, emotions that had been held in check before was let loose in a dramatic manner.

Maryam, her mother, other family members, friends and sympathizers who were around, couldn’t just hold themselves back again. It was tears of anguish galore, as it suddenly dawned on them, that wow it was life for life! The judge had said in a grim statement that, if you kill, you would be killed too, no beating about the bush. From how they reacted, Maryam first ran out of the dock in tears and the mother let loose her emotions and family members and friends plus well-wishers joining in, it was obvious that they had had the hope of a slim chance that a miracle could happen somewhat, but alas, it wasn’t to be.

But there is still a slim chance that she can still escape the death sentence. There’s still that slim window of hope that the death sentence, that the capital punishment could be commuted. That a sort of reprieve could still come, where the sentence could be reduced instead to life imprisonment.

That is now the hope of her people and that’s the hope that the advocacy above, is actually trying to pursue in their campaign, which they have begun already. Though they remain faceless for now. Why that, we do not know!

From the judgement given at the Abuja Court, the presiding judge had given that ray of hope, when he had said that until she must have exhausted all her opportunities for appeal. Meaning maybe the case could still move to the highest court of the land, which is the Supreme Court of Nigeria. But even after she might have appealed and maybe the conviction and sentence remains the same, maybe she could still get a reprieve by a ‘prerogative of mercy’.
But the issue with prerogative of mercy in her own case though is, who would give it, would it be the Minister of Justice? And does he have that sort of power? Would it be the Minister in charge of Abuja, the FCT, who may be like the Governor of a state, who by law sometimes can or would? Does a Governor even have that power? Or would it be the president himself?

In all of the above though, a commutation or prerogative of mercy doesn’t mean the accused is no more guilty of his/her earlier conviction.

So can Maryam Sanda actually beat her death sentence? It can’t be easy at all to be on a death row ooooo ooo!!!!!!!

How would Bilyaminu family feel about this advocacy?


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