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Ex-beauty queen and one of Nigeria’s most beautiful people at that and a mother of one, the statuesque Dabota Lawson, whose impressive new bodacious body is one to die for, has begun the new year 2020, on a super  fantastic note.

To show that the year which is only just 2 months old is already delivering good tidings and results, the gorgeous 6 footer & style fiend, who is also said to be brilliant academically, took delivery of her newest delight, a solid machine on wheels, a supposed brand spanking new Lexus SUV for that matter. Which has been causing ripples or better still major sensation since it ‘arrived’.

The delightsome white machine with all the works, is sure a delight to behold and must have cost her or cost the giver of the gift, a few tens of millions of Naira, more like between N38 to about 35M Naira.

And to celebrate the newest  arrival of the monster on wheels, there was a lot of fanfare by her delighted staff members. So delighted was she herself about the wheels that, she happily saluted ‘Zuab Motors’ who apparently delivered the car to her, right on time like she said, for the make up entrepreneur and shopping complex owner.

We hear reliably, that her make up products are actually one of the best in town and that it gets loads and loads of patronage too, say maybe the money must have rained down in torrents from that business.

We are so happy that the lovely lady has since moved on from her ill fated marriage of a few years back, to her then ex-husband, Prince Sunny Aku, of the then Novena Majesty Mall and furniture fame.

She didn’t allow that unfortunate misfortune in any way to affect her progress and has since conquered all her fears and moved on and have come out of it all, shining like the noon day’s sun. Her delight apart from her work, where she has been making steady progress is her darling daughter, who she doesn’t play about with at all. And it’s like since the arrival of the young girl on the scene, it has been one great step of grace after another.

The culmination of it all is this her 2017 white Lexus LX570 SUV.

We had told you all then after Adenike Balogun aka Nikky Bizzle, who is in fact Dabota’s first cousin and partner at Diamond Ink Events Ltd, took delivery of her immaculate white Range Rover Velar then to open the new year 2020, that it was going to cause a whole lot of panic and that many would thereafter go all the way and all out to acquire their own new machines, now the race has begun in earnest.

So it’s Nike Balogun – White Range Rover Velar, Dabota Lawson-White Lexus SUV, so who is next?????


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