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Contrary to the views of some of his other so called men of God, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo has come out to someone castigate them for their somewhat unintelligent belief in conspiracy theories linking the advent and spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic to 5G, which is the 5th generation wireless communication technology supporting cellular data networks.

In a video that is gradually getting great traction on social media, the well known formerly UK based pastor somewhat addressed the likes of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and others that believes that the 5G technology is the reason for COVID-19. Pastor Matthew joins a lot of those who believes that the attack on 5G has revealed the ignorance of some of those we believe should know, but that are actually stark ignorant and who shouldn’t voice out on what they actually lack knowledge of or about.

Hear him- “it is unfortunate that many people including (pastors) have joined in the fray of spreading falsehood without any scientific proof.

“Too many theories, too many videos and fake news out there. There are too many theories out there, 5G and all that. Please, stay out of all those theories, keep your eyes on the Lord. Do not be afraid, don’t think oh my God, this is the Antichrist,” he said.

Hear me below-

The 68 year old man of God, is actually one of the most respected Nigerian Pastors around the world and he is the senior pastor of the Kingsway International Christian Center with HQ in London, United Kingdom. He has a well respected teaching ministry.


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