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Amidst the debilitating COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic that has caused a lot of anguish in it’s wake and that the world is still grappling with, like they say even in the stormy cloud that has bedeviled the world, there’s still some form of silver lining in the cloud as Kano born but Kogi’s own most famous thespian, the one and only Halima Abubakar 34 (she will clock 35 in June of 2020) has added one of the greatest gifts in life, as she has dropped a bouncing baby boy (bbb)!

And like it was expected, her joy has known no bounds ever since the bundle of joy, a Bambino for that matter arrived to this world most gallantly a few days back, on Friday to be more specific. The sweet lady just quietly today on her social media page, let the cat out of the bag, by letting rh the world know what has just occurred or better still happened to her and with just a picture of just 2 gorgeous hands holding on to each other, she declared in her obviously emotion laden statement-

“A gift from God and I will cherish you for life 😩❤️❤️❤️ Biggest miracle ❤️A Boy🙏🏿3/4/20”.

And that seemed to have opened the window of an avalanche, the gracious outpouring and the estatic expressions of joy for her and her new child. And the congratulatory messages, have been unprecedented and unrelenting.

All her colleagues in the industry (Nollywood) and more, have been falling over themselves to show her love with the safe arrival of the child and her own perfect wellbeing.

She was able to keep everyone except very few of her close friends and family members, guessing all through her pregnancy period as she refused to either confirm nor deny that she was heavy. But when you call her to inquire, she was always philosophical with her response.

We join all her well wishers also to say, a massive congratulations to the new mama in town, while wishing both mama and her new baby boy the very best.


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