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His Royal Majesty, Alaiyeluwa Kabiyesi Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, the Kusenla III is one of the youngest royal fathers in the whole of Nigeria, from the South Western part of the country. The handsome royal monarch, who also doubles as one of the most stylish Kings bar none is in his middle 40s and lest we forget the machine loving monarch is ascribed as one of the wealthiest Kings in Nigeria. A noted multimillionaire at that.

In fact today, April 10, 2020 is his actual birth date. And because he is a very well loved, very well appreciated and super well celebrated father to a whole lot, many from far and near, young and old, subjects and friends and co royal fathers and family members have been falling over themselves to wish him well on this occasion. And one of those who have openly celebrated him is none other than his beloved 2nd wife, in the person of Olori Hadiza Elegushi aka Queen Gushi II.

And from the import of the public message to her beloved husband better referred to as Oba Gushi, she’s so happy that they are celebrating his 1st birthday as they are both husband and wife.

Kabiyesi had surprised all when he married his 2nd wife last year as the world knows that he loves his 1st wife, the outstandingly gorgeous and most stylish Queen Gushi 1, “Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi” to bits (many have proclaimed emphatically that Olori Seki is probably Nigeria’s most outstandingly stylish Queen bar none). But maybe as tradition dictates, where a king is the father of all & is entitled to marry as many as he can very well take care of, he had to marry another wife. So the King welcomed his then new wife into his heart and home last year, after a well packaged traditional engagement and wedding.

So today Friday, April 10, 2020 being the birthday of his royal majesty, Olori Hadiza Elegushi is so happy to celebrate him and let the world know it’s his first birthday with them as an officially married couple.

Hear her- “Alhamdulillah, today marks the 1st day I get to officially celebrate my husband’s birthday as his Queen, HRM Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi. A day like this, is meant to be special and unique, for its a day to reflect on how blessed I am, to have you in our lives, how complete and whole I feel, knowing that you will remain in our lives forever, and making sure that we remain as one, through thick and thin.

This is to wish you a fantastic and blessed birthday my love, May your light continue to shine brighter than the stars, may our hearts continue to merge into one, may your reign be long and prosperous, so you can live long to take your kingdom to greater heights. May your Mum and other relatives live long to continue to witness your remarkable achievements in life and continue to be proud of you, may all that you touch, and all that you do be blessed and blessed in Allah’s name I pray, Ameen.”

A most beautiful birthday message we dare say. And we are just too sure, that if not for the times we are in, with the rage of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic still on a well packaged birthday shindig would have been held.

Anyways, we join all the King’s well wishers to celebrate him and wish for him, many more good and great years of awesome achievements on the throne of his fore fathers in good health.


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