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The young lady, now 29 today, Sunday, April 12, 2020, is a mum of one and is the hot owner of her own Beauty Brand by name ‘Beauty by AD’, a beauty, cosmetic and personal care brand, she also owns her own specific beauty product Imani Spotless Cream, one of those special products available in town now that helps to turn ladies into cinderellas just after a few applications and from the look of it, she obviously has very many supportive followers. Many who we can bet swear emphatically about her products and what she does.

From what she even has on her profile, she’s also a popular ‘brand influencer’, we are too sure that many clothing brands are falling over themselves to have her display their things. To state the very obvious without mincing a word, “the gal fine no be small ooooo”. She’s is a searing and unrelentingly and unrepentantly hot babe! Hmmmmmmm mmmmmm…….

If we are going to be quite bombastic in our assertion, God must have spent extra hours on her, far more than all others when He was molding her. She is perfectly sculpted no doubt, frontally and back-sidedly. If she were just a few inches taller and slightly slimmer than she is now, she would have been too perfect all round.

Her skin tone to say that least, is heavenly and therefore she’s the perfect advertisement for what she does.

So we believe she must have a sizable number of clientele or some heavy clientele list swearing about her magic wand. So to celebrate her birthday, her 29th for that matter, at this period of the ‘COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic’ compulsory lockdown, the fresh mama jammer decided to slay and scotch/sear the social media with this supersonically hot and badass sexy pictures, that would have raised some parts of the eunuch’s dead or lethargic body to perfect attention, ready to pounce.

Just imagine such searing pictures competing with a place in the minds of most men at this sober period of the reflections on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

It’s also one way that the sweet birthday girl must have thought to help take away the boredom of the lockdown and the pain from the hearts of those who must have lost one loved one or the other.

Way to go gal 💪. Happy birthday to you and more power to your gushing beauty elbow. Salute 👏🏽


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