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The most ravaging and most horrible of recent plagues in our history known by the unflattering name COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic like a deadly serpent on the loose, running viciously rampart with it’s poisoned fangs exposed to just strike at just about anybody, be it male or female, old or young, poor or rich, has struck again.

And the unfortunate victim is none other than the founder and boss of the now defunct Sosoliso Airline, in the person of the late Victor IKWUEMESI. The sad occurrence happened earlier today, Tuesday, April 14, 2020 in London. Mr. IKWUEMESI fell to the complications arising from the current reigning pandemic.

He was said to have been admitted on Saturday, April 11, 2020 at the hospital in London after a brief illness. He was at the ICU on Oxygen. The Oxygen was said to have been removed to let him eat, but he couldn’t breath on his own, so he was immediately placed on a ventilator, but sadly, he soon gave up the ghost not long afterwards.

Devasting his family members and friends and all. He was an alumnus of FGC, Okigwe. He would be sorely missed.

May the soul of the dearly departed find rest.


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