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The type of relief, joy and extreme happiness and jubilation the Adeleke household and by extension the household of Chioma must be going through now, most definitely must be unprecedented.

Much as they had shown a united positive disposition, in the aftermath of Chioma testing positive, we are too sure that underground, they would have been a bit scared, but hoping that all would end well at the end of the day.

About 2 weeks ago, Chioma shockingly tested positive to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, while her darling dearest Davido tested negative and thanks to God there son too was negative. As was expected of them, Davido gallantly told the public about the fiance’s status and she immediately went into self isolation, for observation and treatment and now 2 weeks later, after she was tested twice, she was declared negative the 2 time. The reason for the relief, explosion of joy and happiness.

While Chioma, that’s Davido’s assurance was in isolation & quarantined, the young man aka OBO aka Omo Baba Olowo did quite well as he acted as both the daddy and mommy to their son, who in that 2 weeks or more must have missed his mom a whole lot.

We are too sure that the moment she must have gotten the all care, the way she must have rushed to embrace both her fiance and baby boy would have been awesome and emotion laden. 2 weeks or more apart whilst in close proximity is no joke!

We are just too sure that maybe this next few days, would be when the baby boy would most likely be getting a new sibling made. 🤪😁😃Lol!!!!

A big congratulations to the couple for at least winning the battle for now, against this rampaging and most deadly, man made virus Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, that has been unleashed on the world terribly. To survive & overcome something that has already killed in excess of 165,000 thousand people around the world including our very own COS just a few days ago, is not a joke at all.

May God’s grace and mercy and His protection remain on us🙏🏿 Amen.


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