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Common sense like we have found out over the years is not something that’s so common afterall and to confirm that it’s not, we have seen how very many of our so called leaders, those who are supposed to have the wherewithal, resources & manpower to help the governed, have shown to all and sundry how they are so bereft of ideas needed that it has become a massive pain in the bum.

At this period of the unrelenting and debilitating Coronavirus pandemic, when much has been expected from these various leaders at all levels, especially as it concerns the attendant hunger the pandemic has unleashed on the people, due to the forced lockdown. Meaning people are not able to at least go about to earn a living to feed and fend for themselves. Therefore Governments (Federal, State & Local) have had to at least intervene somewhat, via the sharing of pallatives, to at least help to ameliorate the effects of hunger to a certain extent.

The brilliant ‘Prof. Bendict Bengioushuye Ayade’ of Cross Rivers State, a former Senator and the current Executive Governor of the state, enjoying his 2nd term. Who apart from having a PhD in Environmental Microbiology (sciences)- from the famous University of Ibadan, Oyo State, with an award winning best doctoral dissertation award, also has a degree in law (arts)- Delta State University and an MBA- from the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, has shown that all those various degrees that he garnered over the years were not just for decoration in a Christmas tree.

He has decided to ingeniously share the burden of leadership at a time like this, by shifting a sizeable part of the responsibility of sharing of the necessary pallatives to the leadership of the people closest to the grassroots-the royal fathers. It is only a leader that wants to shame himself, that would hoard or not do the needful at this time. We have seen the chaos caused when what should reach the people are hoarded by those who normally should do the needful. The Government also must recognise and acknowledge her limitations.

So the responsibility to share the pallatives to all under them, irrespective of party affliations and leanings, is now on the many different royal fathers shoulders across all the local Governments in the state.

Pretty smart.

Simple as the idea might look like to all, it is also an ingenious one too. So that there wouldn’t be any blame on the Government for being bias or partial to one side alone. So the grassroot leaders closest to the people would see to the welfare of those under them. And it’s not just about the palliatives alone that the administration of Prof. Ben Ayade has scored a great mark.

His Government also came up with the idea to employ at least 8000 new people in one fell swoop to be paid N30000 each, that’s an additional N2.4 billion added to the salary burden, the state would be paying monthly. Much as some people could complain and might say the salary is paltry, at least to have something regular coming into the pocket or to look forward to monthly, is good & great.

Even the Governor himself as said that any body that feels too big for the proposed N30000 monthly salary offer, should not respond to the job offer.

So instead of just offering the people money just like that, they are also engaged to also do something for the state too. By that their hands and brains are occupied/engaged to do something meaningful! An idle hand they say is a devil’s workshop.

So for these and more brilliant ideas of this highly cerebral Governor, we say kudos!!! Governance actually is also about how one can make very complex issues very simple.


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