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We have already said it many times that the aftermath of this Coronavirus pandemic forced lockdown is going to be terrible and already the signs have begun to show how bad it’s going to be.

It’s not just about the immediate hunger issues that have begun to stare us in the face already. But it’s about sustainability in general after the enforced lockdown. In just a few weeks alone that many companies have not opened for work alone, billions of money have been lost to the unprecedented economic downturn. And the only thing that most can do, would be to sack! And some private companies have begun to contemplate that already.

If all we hear is as true as it should be, Mikano International Nigeria Limited, a privately held Nigerian company, involved in power generation, real estate and construction, has reportedly sacked not less than 600 people of her workforce, as a result of biting Coronavirus effect.

Family members of some of the sacked workers have expressed shock over the sack of their breadwinners.

According to one of the affected staff, “I have just returned from a trip of delivering generators to a nearby state when I was called upon to take my sack letter”.

“This is a very disturbing situation. How do I feed my family during this lockdown? I sincerely do not know what came over them on this mass sack.”

Another staff affected by the sack had this to say, “Which appraisal are they talking about? Look, in the next two weeks, Mikano will still employ staff, that has been their way but what is now disturbing is why this time?
“Where do I go from here, it is quite heartless of the company to render us ineffective. Rising cases of crime are everywhere, what else should I do?”


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