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The supremely intelligent, gorgeous and always under the radar wife of the Inspector General of Police in Nigeria, in the person of ‘Hajia Fatima Adamu’, who is the chairperson of POWA (Police Officers Wife Association) has stood up to be counted as an angel of mercy during one of the most critical period of existence in the world right now, when the debilitating COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is ravaging and taking life, as if there’s no meaning to life itself no more across the world.

Due to the pandemic, the whole world has been forced to observe a compulsory lockdown which has greatly affected everyone’s livelihood, as movement has been greatly restricted, so no work no pay. And this enforced lockdown has brought about untold hardship and hunger on the general populace. Leading even some to engage in crime.

It is at this critical time, that a few noble souls, god-fearing individuals and companies have gotten up to meet the challenge and also to be counted as angels of mercy, to help ameliorate the debilitating effect of the terrible hunger that stares all and sundry in the face.

The Police, being a part and parcel of the society too, have not been cocooned from the effects of the terrible hardship and hunger that has befallen the society. So as a mother and someone who cares, Hajia Fatima Adamu today, Saturday, April 25, 2020 went about and donated relief materials across 18 Police barracks all in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory to be given to the needy.

Some of those things given were, bags of rice, beans, cartons of noodles, bags of semovita and plenty other food items too numerous to mention.

Her intervention is based on the fact that she recognizes that an hungry man, is an angry man. You can not reason with a hungry person to listen to you. So this her excellent intervention, was very welcomed and well appreciated by the rank and file.

According to the little information we were able to garner from a few people who wouldn’t want their names mentioned, since the coming of Hajia Fatima Adamu on board as the chairperson of POWA, a lot of things have changed for the very best as it concerns the welfare of the wives of police officers and their prayer is that, she would remain the boss of the association for as long as it’s possible. They exclaimed that they have never had it so good.

They have not seen someone like her before, who is so open and is ever available to help when it comes to the welfare of her people.

So kudos to a woman who is not just so outwardly beautiful, but also one with a beautiful soul and heart to match.


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  • She is indeed the best I ve ever seen , so is so open minded and so accessible anytime , she is always there for us God bless you mummy. Up POWA

  • She is truly an angel my encounter with her was not a mistake I thank God every day of my life for knowing her, she have changed my way of reasoning because she’s so down to earth i love you mummy 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘