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It’s like it’s a season of death. And the grim reaper, mankind’s most relentless & most despicably evil enemy, is obviously having  a field day, as she’s having her way. The year 2020 in the almanac of history, is one particular year that very many are very unlikely to forget in a hurry. It would most definitely rank alongside some other historically painful period of time. One of those periods in history, when altogether, the world lost a sizeable number of people all at the same time, due to various issues.

While the world is still contending with how COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has swept the world leaving so many dead in it’s wake, it’s at the same time, that some very notable people too have fallen to the complications of ill health, due to some other issues like cancer and more and have had to give up the fight, after a gallant battle.

One of such who tried his best and must have put a good fight, was none other than Dr. Tosin Ajayi, a popular physician, an investor in the field and philanthropist. He is the gentleman husband of a well loved, quite knowledgeable former beauty queen, who is still as ravishingly gorgeous as she was at 19 year old, in the person of Mrs. Helen Prest-Ajayi, 60 clocking 61 by September. She was Miss Nigeria 1979, a whopping 41 (4 decades and 1) years ago.

Her late husband, is the founder and boss at First Foundation Medical Center, First Foundation Medical Engineering Company and also the convener of Africa Future, a platform he created a few years ago to help find solutions to the problems of Africa and to help galvanize the citizens Intervention on how to help to build a better society and a better life for all in all ramifications. The first ever gathering organized by ‘Africa Future’ at the Sheraton Hotel Ikeja then, was such a resounding success that it had more than 500 people; professionals and more from all works of life in attendance.

The UCH Ibadan, trained medical professional is said to have suffered ill health for quite a while now, before he finally succumbed just yesterday to death. Thereby bringing deep pain to many hearts.

The well trained medical professional, with over 35 years of post training experience in the medical field and more, was in his 60s as at the time of his unfortunate demise.

He is survived by his lovely wife and daughter(s) and other extended family members.

He was a gentleman to the core, one who was highly cerebral and fun to be with. He would be sorely missed.

May the soul of the dearly departed find rest. And may God grant the family and friends and associates the fortitude to bear the sad loss.


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