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This upcoming election to see whether Governor Godwin Obaseki would continue for another 4 years or to see whether Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu would start afresh, whether for or against is going to be acrimonious. The 2 main parties and their contenders have already set such a scenario in motion already that’s saying there would be trouble. And because of the fear of what could be possibly unleashed on the populace and the towns, the police have prepared, or so they say for any eventualities. Just imagine the numbers of police personel and other security agencies that are on ground already and that would be on ground for the election and it’s aftermath.

No matter how prepared these security agencies are in their tens of thousands, you can still bet there would be many skirmishes all around, maybe a few killings, ballot boxes snatching and what have you. The smart ones had better keep their heads in their houses so that it wouldn’t be lifted off their necks for them!

2 seeming juggernauts are set to battle it out in what is turning out to be a no holds barred fight for the jugular. Both sides are leaving no stones unturned from the looks of it and both sides from what we can perceive very well, are ready for outright war. Forget all the so called peace accord meetings they have gone for and the agreements made. It is going to be an epic battle and it is going to be hectic come Saturday, September 19, 2020, which is only just a few days away. That’s the day when Edo people from all over the State and from all walks of life are supposed to go out in their numbers to make their voices as a collective felt and count, as per who they want to be in charge of their state affairs for the next 4 years.

Would it be a continuation of the same, albeit a retention of Governor Godwin Obaseki, who claims he has done far better than those before him or would it be a fresh wind of change, a new lease of life as supposed to be ushered in by Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu? It promises to be a battle royale of extraordinary proportion. We are expecting loads of intrigues.

Both candidates, Obaseki for PDP who used to be a member of the APC until quite recently and is the incumbent and Ize Iyamu, who is of the APC, but had at one time was also of the PDP, have many strong men & women, backing their candidacy.

Unflinching and like a rock of Gibraltar that cannot be moved behind Ize Iyamu, who is fighting tooth and nail to extricate himself from the web of controversies plaguing him terribly and that was caused by his now chief promoter, are the likes of the former Governor of the state and former Chairman of the ruling party, in the person of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole who desperately wants to embarrass Obaseki and would relish taking him down. Also backing Ize Iyamu is the awesomely manipulative billionaire chieftain of the APC, who is addressed as the party’s national leader, in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and also in the mix and who desperately wants Obaseki out at all cost is certified billionaire per excellence ‘Captain Hosa Okunbor’ and loads of others. But backing the incumbent to retain his position, are so many powerful and highly influencial people too, the likes of top PDP chieftains, Chief Tom Ikimi who we believe has many things to grind with Adams & Tinubu and so would want to take them down, then also is the National Chairman of the PDP Prince Uche Secondus who would want to prove something with an Obaseki win, then the seemingly indomitable Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State a symbol of the night of the PDP, then High Chief Raymond Dokpesi who owns AIT & RayPower who seem not to like anything about the APC, but the supporter extraordinaire is Senator Daisy Danjuma, a notable politician in the state who is also a woman of extraordinary means, as she is the wife of one of the topmost, wealthiest Nigerian ever, in the person of Retired General Theophilus Danjuma. Senator Daisy Danjuma has put her full weight behind the Governor to return back as the Governor of Edo State.

So it would most definitely be a battle to watch, power would battle power, influence for influence, money for money, connections for connections.

There’s palpable fear all over Edo as people feel that the combatants are willing to battle each other to a standstill, even before the election itself some fights have happened and violence have been unleashed already. None is willing nor ready to concede a yard to each other. Both camps have been unrelenting as per the stones or should we say rocks and barbs they have been throwing out at each other. The opening of cans of worms have been unrelenting. Many scandals of monumental proportions have been unveiled from both camps. Scandals pointing at no certificates by each side, scandals about allegations of fraud/misappropriation of funds, scandal about membership of a cult and perpetration of acts of violence. Would all these things that have been unveiled/revealed, affect the 2 men’s chances? We do not yet know.

But from what we can see, it’s like Obaseki has a slight advantage, him being the incumbent. It normally takes a while lot to remove the incumbent, especially one like Obaseki who is ready to all that’s possible to win this election and make a bold statement.


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