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Award winning Fashion House-House of Irawo unveils its new brand name as simply “Irawo”

To celebrate their 3rd year in business, House of Irawo recently unveiled its new name, logo and website. The purpose behind the rebranding was to simplify and modernize the brand, while still paying homage to the founders’ heritage.

Irawo is a Nigerian-based womenswear brand founded by a family of women who understand the power of communicating individuality through clothing. Clothes are one of the most intimate items next to our skin and as a result, are an extension of our identities.

The brand creates investment pieces that feature an array of colors and textures that cater to women who are unapologetically blazing their own trail. Irawo pieces reinforce the best parts of who we are and hope to be. Each piece is made with integrity and kindness by skilled artisans.

Look out for new aesthetics and visual presentations that will capture the incredible new energy of Irawo.

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