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Can it be true? Or is it just one of those things that some people are just conjuring just for the sake of it? If it is true then plenty champagne deserves to be popped then. That’s If the ‘good news’ in quote gradually wafting or better still filtering or sifting to us & tickling our ear endlessly & ‘soronously’, trying to gain momentum rings true!

Then maybe, just maybe then, one of those exciting duo that owns the ‘Good Hair Ltd’ brand, who are also the owners of the ‘Brass & Copper Restaurant’ brand, who are the owners of the ‘GoodHair Mall’, in the person of the ‘stupendously stylish’ Kika Osunde, may have found love at last. This time around though, it’s is said to be ‘endless love’ the very type that the world famous Lionel Richie & Diana Ross sang about & that has become the evergreen & a forever smash hit now that it is.
And from what they are saying, it might be leading actually to ‘wedding bells’ ringing affectionately soon all things being equal after all maybe in 2021.

This year 2020 has been a noteworthy year for Kika, a year of so much both in the negative & positive, so for the lady in her 30s, who is a ‘lifestyle queen’ of the highest kind, if this news is 100% like those selling it are making it, it would have just fulfilled one of the renowned sayings of the sages that says ‘All’s well that ends well’.

Kika is probably one of the most dazzling, most stylish African’s on planet Earth. And since she came into our consciousness and grabbed our attention like a vice, she hasn’t allowed us to have a rest from swooping us of our feet endlessly since then.

Kika & her other dazzling partner, the 31 year old Barrister Chioma Ikokwu, the ‘dazzling duo’ as some have come to call them, are 2 of the ‘hardest working young ladies in Nigeria’ and by extension, are also 2 of the most eligible spinsters/bachelorettes in Nigeria. So for one of them to be swept off her feet, it’s then actually a very big deal. Many have tried to own this heart ❤️ for a while now & haven’t been lucky. So maybe this dude might just be the one with the midas touch then.

As per the identity of the ‘supposed lucky dude’? We would still keep it under wraps now, till it has been fully confirmed and then we would unveil.


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