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Everything is business now. And nothing stops anyone who has goods and services to display from exploiting every chance or opportunities given to display what they have for all to ogle on. And it seems like social media sensation par excellence by name Omotoke Makinwa aka Tokstar, seems to understand the need and the use of the online platforms to showcase proudly and confidently for all to see, what she has to offer the world more than most.

The Kardashians, the Hiltons and many others, who we all love to see and follow across their different platforms all do this every other day and make crazy money from such exposures and more, so why not Toke?

Whatsoever then is the sauce for the goose should also be the same for the gander we think. So Toke went on her Instagram page where she has millions of lapping and die-hard followers and also on Twitter to release 2 dazzling hot 🔥 pictures, showcasing her badass body, shape and all in all of its earthly grace and glory wearing just her sumptuously sexy 2 piece bikini and a white sheer pant and everything literally afterwards just went bonkers!!!!

Without a doubt, the young formerly married lady is running to the bank with the way she’s handling her business. And she seems to have embraced on the way the acme, the principle that everyone can cry and shed tears as much as they like, its their own business. As long as it’s not disturbing her business/growth, it’s not any issue for her. She has grown more body confident over the years hence the showcase nowadays and  she also doesn’t even mind talking about a few of the procedures she’s done  to enhance herself.

And truth be told, she truly looks good at least to the eye. Maybe soon one day though she would advance and we may be blessed one day with a full naked showcase!

That would just be the height! 😆 !

It’s like they say, if you have got it, FLAUNT IT.  And Tokstar is merely just doing that. What’s the essence of having gold and precious stones and those crazy baubles not wearing them


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