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The shocking news crept in like the unwelcomed stranger it is early this morning. It didn’t hit home properly at first as the mind totally refused to believe it.

Could it have truly happened?

Was someone playing a stupid prank?

Chico? The one a few close to him call the General!!!

How come? He is still a young man!

What could have caused it?

Had he been ill?

When and where did the sad occurrence happen?

The above and very many other questions all flashed in the mind and were waiting to be answered. So we made a few calls around and we tried to call the loving wife, Joy- a supreme warrior to the core by all standards. When she didn’t pick the call like we know she would normally have and then didn’t call back after a short waiting period, we began to detect or better still suspect, that maybe truly something was amiss and we then knew that most likely, what we didn’t want to accept may have truly happened.

We then called someone who normally should know, who though didn’t pick up at first, but called back and confirmed to us in the affirmative, that the affectionate General had dropped his gun at the stage or arena of battle and had retired prematurely to embark on the journey of no return. Wow!

What a sad loss! A totally devastating news no doubt! A very painful departure to say the least. An irreparable and irreplaceable loss! Another of thr good one gone too soon! 2020 has been a year of devastation! That we are alive is all praises to the Most High!

Nollywood has lost a gem of a man. It had lost one of its strongest, surest pillars. Mr. Prolific is gone dammit!!!
Never to be seen again in this realm, till we all shall gather again on the day of his resurrection. The husband of the vivacious Joy has gone on a super long journey, leaving her alone to take care of their 4 kids all by herself.

Just imagine that Joy had been away for as much as a year in America until recently, taking care of their son who had been ill. She had left everything, put all on hold, trusting God only, to go help nurse their son back to good health and only just returned about a few months ago, with everyone rejoicing that the worst was gone. And everyone atvlast breathed a sigh of relief. So it seems. But alas no one knew something devastating was still coming. Only was quietly creeping in.

So today, Christmas day of Friday, December 25, 2020 at about 2am, the evil deed was done, death struck and took away our one and only “Chico John Meziakpono Ejiro”. A hardworking gentleman to the core. A small statured giant. A proud father of 4 kids. The proud husband of a very loving and super loyal wife-Joy Chico Ejiro.

He had been ill for sometime. Some speculates that it had to do with his heart, kidney and maybe tuberculosis (all unconfirmed). But he had made appreciable recovery from thr illness and had even just finished recording a production and people were glad that the worse was gone. Only for him to relapse. And before help could come, he was gone!

It is said that the doctor confirmed him DOA.

Shame on you death! Shame!!!! You have caught napping!

It has been an outpouring or better still unceasing avalanche of eulogies from all directions since morning. Nollywood the industry, in fact that industry he had helped to place on the map is in mourning. We are all mourning. A lot of his friends are devastated to say the least. Some are still in utter shock and disbelief!

His body has been deposited at General Hospital Lagos Island Morgue.

It is the typical case of one of those that 2020 has swallowed.

May the soul of the dearly departed find eternal rest.

The Delta State born Movie Producer, Director and Screen-writer would be missed immensely. His 2 brothers Zeb & Peter, wife-Joy and 4 kids, innumerable numbers of friends, associates and colleagues would miss him a lot.

Adieu Chico-the General.

1000 gun salute to you!


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