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If at the end of the day this story would go away after the hullabaloo it has raised for very many days, then all of those involved would particularly heave a sigh of major relief. The scrutiny and the distractions by the public who didn’t know any of those involved one on one in the whole mess but who suddenly all became experts in the various aspects of their lives, have been unprecedented to say the least.

For the MD of FCMB, Adamu Nuru the man at the center of the storm, who had had to go on a forced leave (vacation), due to the attendant hoopla the allegations has brought his way, 2021 which is just only a few days gone, has not been a good one or better still has not begun well at all for him. Just imagine how his very private existence/business has become a film for all to view and a subject or topic for discussion by the general public! Just imagine that from being a subject for serious discussions, he has since become the centre of attraction for jokes over a paternity mess!

How did he get himself into such a mess in the first place? How has he been able to explain himself to his wife and kids? Would he ever come back from this forced leave as the MD of FCMB again? These are some of the questions that needs immediate answers.

So the lady in the eye of the storm, in the middle of the whole paternity mess, who was the former wife of the now deceased Tunde Thomas and who is the ‘alleged babymama’ of Adamu Nuru, the MD of FCMB, in the person of Moyo Thomas has finally broken her silence and responded to the raging allegation on the paternity of her 2 kids with a signed statement, which is below. Though she has attempted to lay to rest once and for all, the paternity of the 2 innocent kids, by saying there was never a time she told her now late former husband, that the 2 kids were never his, she tactically steered clear of mentioning at all, the type of relationship she had with Adamu Nuru, if there was any relationship at all between them.

All through her statement, she didn’t even mention his name once or even direct a statement towards him to refute any allegation of any type of extra marital affair with him. On that note it was a very pregnant type of silence!

Hear her-

“I write in reference to all the allegations and accusations that have recently been making the rounds on the internet and various social media platforms.

I have refrained from responding to this matter for various reasons, one of which is to preserve the memories of Tunde who departed to be with his maker on December 16, 2020. Memories, not only to me, but to his children, who are still young, and to everybody who had a relationship with him.

“Just like any marriage, Tunde and I had a lot of differences in our marriage, some of which even led to police intervention. But I remain committed to keeping only positive memories of him. No one can ever understand what transpired between us or what each of us experienced in the marriage; like they say, it is he who wears the shoes that knows where it pinches.

In all of it, I never for once wished him bad. His untimely and sudden death is still a shock to me as it is to many others.

“On no occasion did I ever tell him he was not the father of our two children. It is therefore deliberate falsehood and certainly malicious to allege and insinuate that I informed him that the children are not his.

The children still bear his name. Only God knows why he died in an untimely period. It is not in my place, or anyone’s place to play God and talk with certainty as to the cause of his death, without proven medical facts.

“Despite our separation, we never allowed our differences affect the relationships we respectively have with the children. He still had conversations with the children like any father will, up until his sudden and unfortunate death. It is quite sad and disheartening to see the pictures of these innocent children splashed all over the internet with very disparaging and weird comments.

“I do wish his family and friends the fortitude to bear the unfortunate loss and I ask that we all be allowed to grieve his loss in peace. He has now been laid to rest and we implore all and sundry to please respect our privacy and allow those grieving his loss, including the children and I, to do so in peace.”


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