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Kika Osunde aka Kika Goodhair, one part of the dazzling pair or duo that owns the luxury hair brand Goodhair Ltd and other lifestyle concerns, is one unrelenting disciple of good form and luxury enjoyment to the hilt. She doesn’t ever compromise on her good life. Every thing about her and what she does, oozes luxury lifestyle to the highest order. From the moment she came to our consciousness a few years, till this very moment, she has not relented and has been climbing higher and higher on that ladder and she has not gone down at all, even when in 2020, at the period in time when all hell was let loose on her and it was like she was going to fold up and fall under the too much scrutiny and the impact of the hunt for her, she remained unperturbed, at least publicly so and unrepentantly fierce and in fact even seemed to have dug deeper to even come out more scrumptiously, more delicious gorgeous looking and more standout mad stylish too. She didn’t show at all if maybe she was hurt inside or crying deep inside. But she was always representing super stylishly to the admiration of all!

Wheb she does anything, she does it off the hook. If she wants to cruise in a machine, it has to be one of the best, albeit the Rolls Royce, the Bentley, the Mercedes etc. If she wants to fly, it just has to be a minimum business-class or better still First Class or much better still, the “upper most cruise control itself”, that’s when she does it privately! If also she must stay at a place or go on a trip to some of the most exotic spots where the who is who loves to hang out, it has to be 5-stars as a minimum in any part of the world for her. And if it’s as per her apparels, we mean what she adorns as clothes, footwear or carries or wears as accessories, then just forget that one!

Without bating an eye we can say categorically, that she’s most likely and most undoubtedly too, one of the 100 most stylish young ladies across the globe bar none. The globe (as in the universe?) Oooo yes, we aren’t joking when we say it. She’s outstandingly stylish to say the least. And she has a ‘perfect body’ too to carry it with awesome effects. Wherever it was that wasn’t too perfect before, she’s made sure to perfect (sculpt it to near perfection). So the disciple of good form and one that had embraced plastic or cosmetic surgery long long before most ever knew about it or came across, is never shy to flaunt what she’s got. Those lips, the hip, the bum, the chest, the face, all touched up by thr best for the best effects. A gorgeous advertisement of how to go about it.

Her classy birthday celebration in the last month of 2020 was a showcase in utter luxury. Venue of the fun was Dubai, the UAE itself, known for showingcasing luxury to the 7 stars level already, where she and her best pal and business partner, Chioma Ikokwu had the fun of their lives, basking in the best of luxury that money could afford. May be as a continuation of the good form, it has been extended into 2021 too and Kika, not been able yet to come into her favorite Nigeria, she flew recently (maybe she’s even still there?) ‘super luxury class’ (privately from what we could gather) into Accra, Ghana and it was like an exceptionally stylish queen of England or better still crown princess of the world had arrived in that town! With all the mesmeric effects. And no expenses was obviously spared! Clap! Clap!! Clap!!!

We are too sure that Accra itself knew that the ultimate crown princess of gorgeousness had arrived to take her. Her chariots as expected were the best machines. Her place of stay would most definitely be the best places in that town, which seems to be gradually becoming the fun capital of West Africa. She stayed or is staying at Nos 1 Oxford Street Hotel & Suites, a place that can stand, effortlessly shoulder to shoulder with Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast one of the top hotels in Accra, was her preferred choice.

So no matter what, Kikalicious as we have thought to call her still has all her groove intact and would allow any obstacles, no matter what it is, to block her shine.

Check her out!


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