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When this unpalatable news got exposed it shocked everyone! With most men exclaiming loudly as par how stupid the shenanigan as acted by the Federal commissioner, Chief Willy Amadi who should have known better was. The ladies on their own who commented were majorly disgusted about the recording and not the actual act itself. It was like most felt, if it hadn’t been recorded and then exposed, there was really nothing to it.

Consenting adults have their rights and are free to engage in whatever game or acts they see or deem as fun, as long as none is hurt during the act or it’s by force!

So each to his or her own. Hmmmmmm…..

In the haste to publish, many had mistakenly thought or better still assumed that the threesome or better still the orgy as was acted in that now viral video was between a man and 2 ladies! But alas, it seems like the actors in that crazy video, may have actually been just a lady in the midst of 2 men!

Seems like after Chief Willy may have finished his own part of the advanced game or relay, he may have passed the baton to another, who was the dude below, while the obviously over excited lady was the one dancing aggressively in the throes of fun and enjoyment at the top as the cowgirl riding her mule, while her chest was getting loads of attention!

Both excited gymnasts, while at first seemingly obvious of what was happening around them, may have happened on the Chief’s recording by chance, hence the video recording ended abruptly at just that 12 seconds!

So the question now is, who is that 2nd man? That was a member of the tag team that the lady in the video had slamdunked in their erotic wrestling match that was done bare-assed?

Is he another commissioner? Or who?


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