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Ramoni Abbas Igbalode aka Hushpuppi


The Subject matter of the story.
Ramon Abbas Igbalode aka Hushpuppi
Olalekan Ponle aka Mr Woodberry

But for the pandemic that has ravaged the world and slowed most things down terribly including justice, maybe his case for fraud, money laundering and sundry allegations would have reached a crescendo by now, since he was captured last year and then moved to the US of A to face allegations in the courts.

The latest on the former king of lifestyle, who ruled Dubai like a true born filthy rich sheikh, who had unlimited means and resources, is that he has sacked the 2 lawyers- Gal Pissetsky and Vicki Podberesky who he had employed last year to help prosecute his cases at the American courts.

The 2 learned people have both applied for a withdrawal from the case, as they claim Ramoni Abbas Igbalode aka Hushpuppi has stopped communicating with them and has even employed new lawyers to defend him.

The ultimate king of flossing, who took the social media by unprecedented storm as he flaunted his supposed ill gotten wealth with distinguished aplomb, wearing the best, the latest of garbs and accessories, flying about in private jets, moving about in the very best and latest chariots that money could afford, eating and dining at the most exclusive addresses that money could afford and more, generally acting like he owned the world, like the character-Tony Montana in that 1983 cult classic Scarface acted by the incredible Al Pacino. He and cohorts were finally apprehended in June of 2020 in a well planned and well executed sting operation. With so much cash seized alongside, so much valued possessions.

The Dubai Police of the Emirati in conjuction with the FBI of the United States had done the arrest. Apparently, Hushpuppi and co, had been under clandestine surveillance for a longwhile, till the day he and his men were busted without notice. Another busted with him, but said to be even far more intelligent, but youngsr and has brazen was Olalekan Ponle aka Mr. Woodberry.

While their unbelievable lifestyle lasted, many were in awe of them and even hailed them as their heros/icons/idols, the modern day Robin Hood but of Dubai nor Sherwood. They infact gave a major fright to the many established multimillionaires and billionaires, who couldn’t dare to be as lavish as these boys were. Their clothes and accessories alone could open the best of stores without blinking.

According to the case filed by the FBI, Hushpuppi and co are alleged to have funded their supremely lavish lifestyle via the proceeds of crime. He is in fact alleged by the FBI to be the ‘godfather of fraudsters’, who were behind computer intrusion, business email compromise (BEC) scams and money laundering. Hundreds of millions were gotten from such scams.

At a pre-trial, Ramon Abbas had pleaded not guilty to all the allegations brought against him. His trial should begin all things being equal come May of 2021 in Los Angeles, California and the world is eagerly awaiting the outcome of it.

He and Woodberry were a constant source of news when the going was great, as they perpetrated their actions as smart alecs. Now it has been 9 months of incarceration without trial yet, making the social media very very boring indeed. Now we are flooded more with pictures and videos of local desperados or wannabes eating chicken with feathers and innards raw, or those bathing naked in dirty river, while an herbalist is spraying them N50-N50 Naira notes in the name of money or destiny changing rituals.


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