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Today, Thursday, February 4, 2021 would not be forgotten in a hurry by the very many that saw what they would have thought was an impossible action, as they witnessed what can be tagged as a ‘most excruciatingly painful death’ of a young man, whose bright future laid ahead of him, but for a stupid decision that he made, he is now dead.

Apparently the EFCC, the economic crime and fraud busting arm of government had stormed the 1004 estates in Victoria Island gestapo style like they love to, to effect some arrest of alleged young fraudsters more popularly known or referred to as yahoo-yahoo boys. In his utter and desperate panic to evade the EFCC and escape, the young man decided to mimic one of the comic heroes, either as superman or as spiderman or maybe iron man. So he jumped without thinking well from as high as the 6th or 7th floor of the Victoria Island estate  maybe he thought that he had hidden wings or something that would just pop open at the last minute and save him like a hidden

Alleged parachute and as was expected of such a grossly foolhardy adventure, he landed on the bare floor with a massive thud, just like humpty-dumpty, shattering his bones bones and most probably the ribcage, backbone (spine) etc and in the most excruciating painful way possible.

As he laid helpless and breathless where he landed for a few desperate minutes, none moved near him to see if he was still alive, only speculating that he was still trying to breathe. Just imagine also that as he laid there comatose for a few precious moment unableto move, no emergency services of any kind came to the rescue to see if his life could still be salvaged. Maybe the people around already concluded he was a criminal, so good riddance to bad rubbish. So no ambulance or medical personnel at all. Just imagine that the whole of 1004 estates with 1004 or more residences do not have an emergency clinic!

The sad aspect of the whole mess is that, even if the now late dude was caught in the act of the crime that he may have been arrested for, he is still an innocent citizen that can only be convicted by a diligent court of competent jurisdiction. So as at the time of his unfortunate death, he was still not yet a convict or a criminal.

Unfortunately, the dude is already dead and no amount of vituperations can bring him back, so its the case of another one bites the dust. He was even taken away from the scene of his untimely death in back of an open police truck, still not an ambulance. In fact no ambulance showed face at all all through. His other traumatised colleagues who were visibly shaken as they looked on at their own, were all arrested and taken away.


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