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Unrivaled style god Ebuka OBI-UCHENDU

He has gained tthe unrivalled and indisputable eputation over the last few years as a dandy per excellence. An unrivaled fashion bomber to the core, one who deliberately plays around the style rule to his own delight and advantage. Since he came into our consciousness from that time on that successful reality show ‘Big Brother Nigeria’, a few years back then, where as the most handsome of the boys that were part of that sseries then and the main subject of attention from the ladies, he has refused to allow our attention slack at all.

His exciting fashion sense and style aadaptnessof deftness to say the least is off the hook! Ever always experimenting but still winning on the style stake most of the time, he is undoubtedly a natural. His eye for colour is awesomely outstanding; there are some colours that most men would normally fear to wear or better still adorn, that he takes on like its just an extension of him, all fair and flair. And then the most Important part of the mix is the confidence that’s needed to carry the whole package through, which he seems to have in over abundance with his dashing good look and nice physique or is it carriage.

So when he wears those things that he wears from head to toe with much aplomb and repressed oomph, the 6 footer just rivals the best of models as he carries the outfits with unrivalled swagger that just excites the onlookers. The clothes don’t wear him  but he wears the apparels.

Check out this exceptionally beautiful 3 pieces in mint or turquoise in this pictures. It’s just a delight to view.

Kudos to the supremely stylish dude, who has been able sell himself to the world like he just has one name

Unrivaled style god Ebuka OBI-UCHENDU



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