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The Late Founder of First Foundation Medical Centre, Lagos. Dr. Oluwatosin Ajayi
The Late Founder of First Foundation Hospital, Dr. Olutosin Ajayi
The Late Dr. Olutosin Ajayi & Helen Prest-Ajayi
Former Miss Nigeria 1979, Helen Ajayi
late Dr. Olutosin Ajayi and one of his daughters, Tomisin Ajayi, Helen’s last born.

 It took a whole 9 months infact about 10 months, that’s nearly a year of unnecessary mudslinging, foolish wranglings and imbroglio for the families of the very lovable Dr. Oluwatosin Ajayi to come into the same space to finally agree to bury the corpse of a man they all claimed to love unrepentantly and whose beautiful memory they all claimed they want to preserve. Their are some things, some actions or attitudes though latent that only death unearths, so it seems.

Just imagine that all the while that claims after claims and counter claims were flying about in rapid succession like shots from a rapid firing AK47; the corpse of the man- the late Indefatigable Dr Tosin Ajayi, the loving father to the core (to a certain extent we experienced him in close quarters showing that), the great husband/partner, a wonderful friend to all, be they older, younger or his contemporaries, a selfless giver and philanthropist, a super intelligent man with excellent capacity to absorb so much and with the extraordinary gift of the garb, who was so down to earth and so welcoming with disarming jokes that can charm just about anyone and anybody, a well schooled gentleman with impeccable manners, a soft spoken man who was never discriminating, never looking down on any, this epitome of grace, confidence and good heart, was kept in [ice] unnecessarily at the morgue, while the family he left behind were squabbling unnecessarily and without an iota of shame, making a terrific mess of his beloved memory and not caring how the world saw them or perceives what they were doing!

All that they actually cared about from the look of it was the opportunity for them to score cheap and foolish points. It was like for them the time had come to claim their pound of flesh and so whatever happens, let it happen.

Can you all even imagine that even at the grave site, daggers were literally drawn? It was in fact a war zone that nearly escalated to a foolish catfight, a shame that nearly marred the whole ceremony! With spectators (guests) wearing their own deliberately distinguishing [club] colours and taking positions at their different angles to show loyalty!

What a world we live in!

So what was Dr. Tosin Ajayi’s actual fault in the whole matter which has now become a mess? Even before his will, which could still spark another rounds of fights and litigation is even read? The answer is not far-fetched at all, his fault was just that he fell in and out of love and fell in love all over again!

Let’s begin from chapter 1 or part 1 which was many years ago, as far back as 1974, after he had met and fallen in love and then married his wife (first wife) Oluwayemisi Adenike Ajayi, whom he married according to the Nigerian marriage act. Both were blessed by God in their beautiful journey together and they have several kids-5 of them in all (4 ladies anda gentleman), who by the grace of God are doing well at their various vocations. There has never been any dispute whatsoever from anywhere and in anyplace that has ever claimed that Mrs. Oluwayemisi Adenike Ajayi is not the legal wife of the late Dr. Olutosin Ajayi and there has never been any claim also anywhere, where it was said by any that Dr. Ajayi had divorced his wife- Mrs. Oluwayemisi Adenike Ajayi neither has their been any claim that his 5 children are not his kids.

Many years after their marriage, as it obtains in all marriages, there were issues, which we agree is not peculiar to the Doctor and his wife’s marriage alone, but in this case whatever was their issue(s) led to Dr. Ajayi leaving his matrimonial home and all he had laboured for till then, to go stay alone for a length of time. This action of his, that he took by himself with all his faculty intact would later become a major issue several years after, as it would be the anchor some other things would be hung on.

In fact as the records can confirm very well, he moved to a renowned hotel at Ikeja, in Lagos, where he took over one of their top suites and became in the circumstances their number 1 and longest staying single customer, staying there for at least 10 years, that’s a whole decade for that matter!

It should be well established, that it was during the latter period of this 10 years- in fact the tail end of the 10 years for that matter, that Dr. Tosin Ajayi met a divorcee and mother of 2 beautiful daughters, by the name Helen Prest-Davies then who had been married before to a Mr. Jimmy Davies. This was the beginning of the Chapter 2 or Part 2 for both Dr. Ajayi and Helen. The estranged husband and the divorcee mother of 2 decided to start a family and home together.

Helen Prest later Helen Davies was not just one nobody who was on the lookout to ensnare anyone, neither was she a home-wrecker hellbent on some type of damage at all cost, which is what has been subtly sold in a smart but very indirect way. She was already a very popular former beauty queen that was 17 years after she had won the crown, in fact she was the ‘Miss Nigeria 1979’ at 19 years old then and had gone on to become a lawyer by profession, with her LLB from the famous OAU, Ile-Ife and her LLM from the prestigious King’s College London. She was already 36 year old and with 2 kids when she met Dr. Ajayi.

Helen Prest is from the famous Itsekiri Prest family of Delta State. In fact, she has royal blood by virtue of her grandmother, who was married to Olorogun Arthur Prest, Helen’s grandad. The grandmother was the daughter of the then ‘Olu of Warri’ of many decades ago. Her grand-dad- the ‘Olorogun Arthur Prest’ is actually mixed race- English by virtue of his dad (from Liverpool) & a Nigerian mother; he was a renowned Itsekiri politician of yore. It was he and another famous Nigerian, Chief Anthony Enahoro, who both founded the ‘Mid-West Party’ then, it was this same political party that later merged with the ‘Action Group’ of ‘Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo’, the incomparable late Premier of Western Nigeria. They were part those that had fought for Nigeria’s independence.

The gentleman ‘Olorogun Arthur Prest’ later rose to become the ‘deputy leader’ to the famous Chief Awolowo. But he also later left the ‘Action Group’ to become what can be referred to now as the equivalent of the ‘Nigerian Ambassador or High Commissioner to the UK’ then. Her own dad ‘Micheal Godwin Prest’ a politician too, was also a very well travelled, supremely well educated personage, who had gotten both his LLB & LLM at the famous University College London and also had a diploma of the Institute of Air and Space Law. He was a 2 times Chief of Staff to the Shehu Shagari NPN Government of the 2nd Republic in Nigeria. He had 4 kids, of which Helen is one of them. Helen’s own immediate younger brother is the famous billionaire oil tycoon, Micheal Prest 57.

So she’s got pedigree in loads, however one wants to look at it.

So try to just imagine meeting someone 10 years after leaving home to stay alone, away from the home you had in fact built with your own hands and then you now met someone you felt was now your strength, your balance, your peace, your joy and far more. For anything like a relationship to ever work, it demands for 2 people to be in sync. Like it is popularly said, it takes 2 to tango. So if any issue of any type would be raised over the relationship that blossomed and produced, a super intelligent and supremely beautiful daughter as a permanent evidence of what they shared, then maybe Dr. Ajayi would also be found liable for the crime of falling in love all over again and if that be so, then love, which some have said for centuries upon centuries is blind- blind to all types of reasoning, should then be the accused, the major culprit then!

It must be well noted that when Dr. Ajayi would finally venture away as a somewhat permanent resident of the 5 star hotel that had been his cocoon, his hibernation, it was straight to the house and loving arm of Helen.

So from 1996 till the man finally departed the earth painfully, after a bout of illness on April 26 of 2020, Dr. Tosin and Helen were practically near inseparable and this would have grated a lot of people endlessly, hence the idea to tactically and subtly paint her in some dark not too noble shades.

A particular year 2018, April 20th to be more precise is of monumental note in the love tango of Dr. Ajayi and Helen. It was at a public conference organised by an advocacy that Dr. Tosin Ajayi had set up to address his thoughts about the state of the nation and what he proffers to be some of the solutions towards many of the issues that had beguiled the nation and right in front of the capaity crowd at the hall of the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos that couldn’t have been less than 500, the Dr. Ajayi went on and on and on praising the person- Helen Ajayi to high heavens, who he confidently before that number of witnesses without prodding of any type, called her my adorable and loving wife; just imagine a well known super intelligent man, one that is confirmed to be a very smart man by all, telling all that were at that event then and all those that could hear him clearly, how his wife (Helen) was a fantastic influence on him and how she had taught him to speak some type of English, specifically speaking of a particular word then- ‘DISCOMBOBULATED’ that many may have just heard for the 1st time on that day, as he even had to call her to help him pronounce it properly there and then. It was one of the most hilarious moments of that very successful and thought provoking conference.

So now fast forward quickly to 2021 which is after a score and more years (about 25 years) together of what can be tagged as blissful in all ramifications, it is then after the unfortunate demise of the man in between the 2 sides, that’s when trouble now cropped up. Meaning that one side had been waiting eagerly, patiently biding their time, specifically waiting for the day they may have termed or tagged long before the d-day as-‘the day of reckoning’. The day they may have promised themselves that when it shall finally come, they would demand without a care in the world, what they feel is their ‘pound of flesh’, for what they have also deliberately assumed to be their issue, the cause of their problem all the while- the other woman.

Mind you, as at 1987, that’s 9 good years before Dr. Olutosin Ajayi and Helen Davies ever met, she was still married then to her ex-husband Jimmy Davies. So the truth in fact is, she was never involved in anyway for why Dr. Ajayi may have left his wife or left home!

Let’s even look at things dispassionately. Suddenly after the man had died, you first claimed that the person he had lived without any problems for 25 good years was not his legal wife according to all the laws of the land hmmmmmmm. So they both must have been very good mixed tennis players all of the years then and their grand slam must be their adorable daughter together.

You have carefully discarded the 10 years interregnum which was the in between years after he by himself had packed out of his own home to go start living at an hotel all by himself.

Then after the man had died, the first thing you did was to claim she didn’t inform you people on time, then you went on to accuse the lady that she had infact killed him! But since you came up with the allegations, the onus was on you the accusers, to prove your accusations at least any which way you could! But then the allegations as was expected hit brickwall as it was pooh-poohed. There was no evidence of any hanky-panky of any type that could be proven. The hospital he was at all through was not an obscure one and those that treated him till he gave up the ghost are all still alive.

Then the next thing was to try to stop her from being a part of the man’s funeral in whatever guise and at all cost, you wanted to diminish totally their time together (a whole quarter of a century) like it never existed at all, who does that? You deliberately wanted to forget that she was the one that had deposited his corpse at the morgue. Maybe thinking that as usual anything goes in Nigeria, so in a brazen act that should be investigated and even prosecuted, with the active connivance of whomsoever, someone did everything possible to try to nullify the original documents the morgue had first given to Helen Ajayi, to now issue another one to the other side, but then mistakes were made which exposed them.

What’s all the desperation for? What’s going on?

Why go to this extreme length? But she also got wind of this and resisted too. When the other side couldn’t forcefully get a hold of the corpse to go do as they wished, so that she wouldn’t be included in the man’s funeral rites as a form of spite, they then sued the morgue believing they could get their wish, again they didn’t win. Then the courts ruled that all, should be involved, both the first and second family, that’s when some form of capitulation was agreed.

So after a whole 9 months going 10 months of trying to pull weight and show power and all sorts, dragging the matter unnecessarily, finally the funeral was allowed and everything was in place for the man’s body to be buried finally, but then just imagine again a tussle broke out at the funeral site over dust to dust again and all, the court had said first, the first wife and afterwards Helen, then those officiating now wanted to change what was ordered to suit themselves, all of these just to belittle her! Why? So she resisted. If you had issues, go beat up your dad why push it on to another?

Was Dr. Ajayi so insanely and deeply in love, that he was in an unending trance all of the 25 years that he stayed with Helen Ajayi and they built a loving home together, that he didn’t want to come back to reality ever again?
Especially both in private and public?

If for any reason whatsoever Helen Ajayi is found guilty for the crime of love or better still for loving someone so unconditionally (which is what this is all about in actual fact), is she the only one then liable in this case?

Especially if in the actual case, it takes 2 to tango!

Why try to wish away what has already happened? Why not let peace reign, most especially for the memory of this man, who wouldn’t have taken kindly to all this rancourous noise and unnecessary mud splashing that does no one any good.


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  • A lawyer of her standing shouldn’t have stayed this long with a man without formalizing it at least even if it is traditional wedding