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Obinwanne Okeke aka Invictus Obi

It was just yesterday Tuesday, February 16, 2021 after nearly 19 months of being in custody awaiting trial, undergoing trial and then sentencing that the Monash University Australia master’s degree holder in International Business and Counter Terrorism, Obinwanne Okeke aka Invictus Obi, the founder and chairman of Invictus Group of Companies was finally sent to jail for his misdeeds, which has to do with International fraud schemes, email compromise scheme, phishing etc.

He had been caught at the Washington Dulles International Airport, Eastern United States, located in Loudoun county and Fairfax county, Virginia just 26 miles of downtown Washington DC, while trying to depart the US on August 6, 2019. At first he had claimed innocence, but later accepted to plead guilty to certain allegations, maybe when he saw the avalanche of evidence against him for reduced sentencing. His lawyers had pleaded with the court that since he was a 1st offender, so justice must tampered with mercy, asking that in the plea bargain he shouldn’t do more than 10 years on the 2 counts. All in all, he was linked to only $11M dollars worth of crime. So yesterday as was expected he got just 10 years and there’s the likelihood he may have already spent a year and few months already out of the 10 years! Some are even saying, how long is 10 years? Before you know it, it’s finished!

Before he got arrested, the 33 year old young fraud genius had held sway as the face of the new hardworking generation, who for their innovation was getting well paid and well set to conquer the world like Pinky andthe Brain. He made business forays into many diversified sectors of the economy across 3 African countries namely Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia in oil and gas, agriculture, private equity, alternative energy, telecoms and real estate. He was the man, the cynosure of all eyes and he dazzled all comers, without many having any inkling about his criminal underbelly.

So good was his cover that he became well celebrated, with awards pouring in left, right and center. He was the man that midas had chosen to domicile with, so his touch was special. He even went ahead to set up a foundation from his proceeds of crime to support the less privileged, the new improved Robin Hood. His public personae was well packaged. That he was educated may have helped him very well in hoodwinking everyone. He had a good background story of rags to riches, as the 17th child of a 4th wife in a polygamous home, who was poor and had vowed that he would take his mother out of poverty against all odds, which he actually did. He could talk, he has the gift of the garb and was able to mesmerize all comers with ease, his cover was perfect, or so it seem.

Until that day that he was picked all was rosy and he had no inkling he had been under surveillance, it was after then that the cookie began to crumble and the veneer and mask were removed or lifted and maggots and worms and vermin and cockroaches were now open/visible for all to see, it was a pandora’s box of expose, that shocked all! The dude in active connivance with loads of others were suit wearing criminals.

When the story was good as was expected of a moneybag that he was, he gifted his baby mama a beautiful and impressive, latest G Wagon 2019 version then. It was said to have being his about to deliver gift as the lady, a pharmacist was getting set to drop their bambino then. According to the legend, the baby mama herself also did ‘arrangee marriage’ with another citizen so as to get the passport! But she was at the same time the baby mama of our guy. Baby mama is still in the US as we speak totally under the radar, just living her quiet life, drawing no attention to herself whatsoever.

After he was picked up in America, the $800,000 that was found in his Nigerian account was clamped and at first temporarily forfeited then to the Federal Government of Nigeria. We can’t remember if there was now a final forfeiture, but that’s most likely to have happened. Curiously, there was no talk of any other type of forfeiture of assets (landed properties and co). So most likely many good things are still waiting for the dude in the cooler. So the 10 years away may just be taken as the him gone away to earn his stripes.

According to some, what they have gotten is all they have gotten, but that there’s still very much that’s been kept in trust for the dude. All that has just happened to him is just a slap on the wrist and no more. The people are even claiming that when he finally comes out maybe earlier than anticipated due to getting paroled for good behaviour, he would then be welcomed with all the fanfare that can be mustered as one warrior, who had gone to the battlefront and by virtue of not dying, but has conquered to now return as a Victor.

If he has good and loyal people helping to run his many investments that are not touched across Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia, he would still return as a very rich, but (maybe more circumspect man) at just near 40 or slightly above 40 depending on how his jail term is counted.

All in all the dude would or may still return as a rich convicted criminal, who has already done his time, so maybe he can now enjoy the proceeds of his works in peace. Maybe he would be banned for another 10 years or less from entering the US and then that’s just it. He can still fly to South Africa, Zambia and the likes.


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