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Truthfully, when the terribly sad news of your unfortunate demise got to me, all I did instantly was to just block it. I did all l could do to occupy my mind with plenty of distractions, but yet in my subconscious, somewhere there in the dark supposedly hidden recess, the sadness was lurking, not going away but just waiting for when I would acknowledge it and come to terms with it.

The fact is that I just didn’t want to believe it! In my head it was just too soon, especially for a young dude that had climbed the ladder of success so early and so well, who still had many more mountains to climb and many more rivers to conquer.

It wasn’t like we had kept in contact since after we left University of Ilorin, Kwara State. It is just that I was so proud to see your good progress from afar and being able to claim that I know you and that we went to the same school- higher institution.

Seeing how you had manoeuvred yourself so well after Ilorin, where I had met you gladdend my heart awesomely. Yes we were not the same set, as you were about 3 years or so behind me, but then just like my own set got to Ilorin and disrupted everywhere and took charge and did things, your own set too came and gave a good account of yourselves.

Just imagine young men then still grappling with things then, who just came and thought to start your own socio-cultural (elitist) club to rival the existing ones and give them a good run for their money. You guys did try your best. Amongst your friends then, you were more of the soft, mommy boy type, always chilled. Always laughing and happy. That’s your picture that I still have in my head. I can still picture you now on the walkway with your crew- Femi Bajomo, Collins and company!!!!

I left Ilorin to get on with life afterwards and you followed suit after a while too, you had read Civil Engineering. Was surprised that from the sciences you had gone to work in a bank, Oceanic Bank of then, that was after you had served at Mobil Producing and then after Oceanic Bank, your eternal love affair with the telecoms industry began. First at Econet which later became Airtel and your steady rise began. From Airtel you moved over to Etisalat which later became 9mobile where you rose to become a director. That was when I last spoke with you by chance as I had had an issue on beknownst to me with your driver and I had insisted he called his boss, who lo and behold was you. And that was the end of it. It was after several years at Etisalat that you got a far better offer at Nigeria’s number 1 telecoms company MTN, where you were made a GM, a very high post and the post you held till your demise a few days ago.

You were a hardworking dude ever bent on continous learning and improvement. According to all of those you have ever worked with, you were a gentleman to the core, one who believed in his subordinates so much and could do anything to help or support them or lift them up. Everyone has beautiful memories of you and have great reports to make about you. What a loss!

Till your death you were still a gentleman.

Just imagine the news that you just said you felt wonky and complained about your chest and then you were going to the hospital in the car talking, then you got quiet with your friend thinking you had just taken a nap, since it had been a hectic day at work and that was it, you were gone! You arrived at the hospital DOA….Wow! Death ripped out many hearts abruptly and without a care. Death as reaped again where it didn’t sow and has left unbearable and unimaginable pain in the hearts of your loved ones.

Your family members, your friends and associates and more, are still finding it very hard to come to terms with your sad and sudden departure to the land beyond.

It has been Wole keh? No it can’t be? Wole Rawa? Lailai! But the sad most excruciating fact is that, you are actually gone, gone far far away. Away from this cruel, this unforgiving, very sad world. You have already gone and begun another journey to another plane, another realm. Please greet you parents if there’s the chance to do that, for they gave birth to a wonderful son!

You have left us, your numerous schoolmates, your very many friends, your loving family members, your dear wife and dearest daughter in unbearable pain. All that everyone can now hold on to are the good memories that were shared over the years, all of 44 years! O ma se oooooo!!!!!

Wole Bobo, Sun re ooooo.

May your dear soul find rest.

May the good Lord who alone can console the bereaved, those whose loved ones have been torned away from their loving grasps, console the agonising hearts of all your loved ones. May God’s embrace be tight around your people at this moment.


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