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Dolapo and Iseoluwa Onasanya
Dolapo and Iseoluwa Onasanya

If not for the godforsaken plague by name Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic that’s still ravaging the world, we can tell you for free that this wedding, would have been one for the season, as the father of the groom, the head honcho behind The Address Home Limited, former MD/CEO of FirstBank Plc in the person of Mr. Olabisi Stephen Onasanya and his quite amiable better half Helen Omowunmi Onasanya, do not spare expenses when it comes to their well brought up children, 4 of them as matter of fact (a lady and 3 gentlemen), who are all doing excellently well in their chosen vocations. 3 married now and remaining the last born son.

Reason for why they would go all the way for their kids is not far-fetched at all. All of the kids didn’t just do their parents proud academically only, with exceptional grades and all to show for it, away from school they have continued to excel too, making the parents the envy of all and subdry. And for the duo of proud pa and ma, who normally do not like too much noise around or about them, why else have they worked so hard, if not to help push their kids in the right direction and help them jump start their lives well. And they haven’t been disappointed at all.

So on the occasion of the 2nd son’s nuptial to his most gorgeous and super brilliant wife Iseoluwa (which translates to God’s handiwork), both parents on both side went all the way for those few that they could invite to the occasion, only that the social distancing ethos as propagated by the Government to help reduce the incidence of infections, didn’t allow for the (much crowd) that was expected to witness the exchange of vows between the amiable Dolapo and his jewel Iseoluwa.

Even at that, from the witnesses we got, it was a beautiful occasion no doubt, with all the trappings expected but for a limited crowd who all adhered strictly to the protocols. We had been at the introduction ceremony late last year-last quarter of 2020 in Abeokuta, Ogun state and with how things had gone then we had been expecting a mother of all engagement and white wedding, but alas Covid-19 didn’t allow for that pizzaz filled camaraderie and big owambe.

While Mr. Onasanya has settled into retirement admirably well, like he is having another time of his life doing what loves so much to do now, which is building beautiful homes for the upper crust, in fact his loved up project right now is the super luxurious multi-storied building on Alexander Road called the Luxuria, which when it is finished, promises to redefine what had been called Luxury in Lagos before by many miles. The 2 sections, 4 bedroom apartments over many floors are in a class of their own. Madam on her own has been a super duper entrepreneur involved big time in beauty/cosmetics world, in fact one of the biggest if not the biggest.

Congratulations to the newly wedded couple. May your nuptial be eternally blessed in all ramifications.


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