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Oluwole Olanrewaju Rawa, MTN GM, Consumer Marketing
Oluwole Olanrewaju Rawa, MTN GM, Consumer Marketing

was with utmost shock that many who knew the dude heard of his sad demise a few days back. Some even haven’t yet recovered from the weight of the calamity, as they are refusing to believe that such could have happened to Wole. If it were money that was needed to avert the calamity that befell Wole, money wouldn’t have been an issue at all, as the dude was that buoyant and not just that alone, even if there was any issue personally his friends would have rallied round gallantly as Wole himself is a giver and helper.

But sadly, money with all the ‘feferity’ that accompanies it, was not of any great use or help on the day of reckoning. So ‘Oluwole Olanrewaju Rawa’, at just 44, had he tarried just a bit more, he would have clocked 45 come June of this year- 2021, but unfortunately he succumbed to death and brought sadness to all the hearts of those who loved him to pieces. He was that much of a good dude.

So so sad

So his family members and friends having concluded arrangements not wanting to keep his body on ice for too long than necessary, all things being equal he would be sent home come March 11 and 12, 2021, that is baring any and all unforeseen circumstances, that could make them change the date.

The Vaults and Gardens, Ikoyi, Lagos is the preferred resting place chosen for his interment. He was having a zoom meeting being a workaholic, when he complained about an health issue (fainting spell and chest pain) and had immediately called his friend to come pick him up to the hospital, only for the dude to get to the gate and as was normal the security didn’t allow him in and had tried to call Wole which was the agreed protocol, but they couldn’t get through to him, so he could give them instructions to allow his friend to come in. He apparently had slumped and temporarily lost consciousness by the time they got to him and on the way to the hospital he was gone. He arrived at the hospital (dead on arrival) most likely after having cardiac arrest. So family and friends have slated his send off for March 11 and 12 of 2021. The commendation service or service of songs for the 11th and the burial proper for the 12th.

Wole was a very hardworking and quite successful person and he had done very well for himself. Apart from his 9 to 5 very well paid job, which was one of the most important things to him, he had very thriving investments too, in the entertainment sector, where he was one of the promoters of a highly successful lounge known to all as 57 on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, he was also involved in the lifestyle sector, where he owned a hair brand amongst several other businesses, he was that business savvy, as he wanted to secure his future quite early. Then for a young man, he also had a sizeable property or real estate portfolio too. In all of these his world actually revolved around his ‘adorable daughter’ from his first marriage, the young lady is about 12 going 13.

If not for the pandemic that short-circuited part of his plans, he had planned to remarry soon and he and his fiance would have done the ceremony had time allowed for it or had the time been favourable.

He was an orphan, having lost both parents quite early. But he had 2 immediate sisters that meant the world to him, one older and the other younger and also a younger very popular half sister Lara, who is very big in the service industry.

His many friends from far and wide, from their days at the University of Ilorin and others from other places are devastated to say the least, just like his family members. Though he was into his daughter and into his work in that order, he was also a jolly good fellow who extended benevolence to all around him without prejudice.

In fact all of those he had worked with and has ever worked with, all have fantastic memories of him and great things to so about him. He would bend over backwards for his own.

One thing he doesn’t compromise on is that loved self improvement learning new things to a fault, hence when the occasion demanded it, he went and spent tens of millions to go to Harvard to get the required education to boost his already great profile, his last post at his work place MTN was GM, Consumer Marketing.

He would be greatly missed. RIP!


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