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Outstandingly sexy Toyin Lawani, founder/owner Tiannah's Place Empire
Outstandingly sexy Toyin Lawani, founder/owner Tiannah’s Place Empire
Birthday gal Toyin Lawani

No one can dare begrudge her for her extraordinary talents, as she’s truly a multi-gifted jack of many trades and master of them all and that’s talking about none other than the sensational celebrity Toyin Lawani, the creative director and head honcho at the Tiannah’s Place Empire, her conglomerate of businesses, hence why the tag empire.

She is one lady that truly defines what it means to have drive, gusto, fearlessness, never say die attitude, unrelenting creativity and far more. She’s one tireless lady, who is always trying one thing or the other and the unbelievable thing about it all is that, she always succeeds at them. Maybe she’s got that ‘proverbial midas touch’.

Come tomorrow, Monday, March 1, 2021, the exceptional risk taker and somewhat magician would clock just 39. What just 39? It would seem like she has been in our face for forever! Always reinventing herself to stay relevant. It is on the date of her birthday that she has set aside to re-open her business empire the former HQ of which she had to leave, since she relocated to a newer, much bigger, more spacious space that she owns at Lekki 2, her permanent site. Which is said to be quite impressive to say the least. The place also features her pride, her ‘art and craft fashion museum’, a 1st of its kind in Nigeria we believe.

She had relocated from her former very popular Fola Osibo palace since last year and though her businesses weren’t quiet at all, but most didn’t know the location of her new HQ, which she had been putting together silently and painstakingly piece by piece.

And now after many months of hardwork, tenacity especially at making sure that everything is in perfect order, she is now ready to declare the place open for all on the anniversary of her birth, which is tomorrow March 1, 2021. The multi-skilled and in your face celebrity, who has an unbelievably staggering list of celebrity clientele who are loyal to her, has consolidated all her various endeavours in just one place! About an incredible 30 plus of them all in just one place! Wow!

She’s an award winning designer of note and also a well noted, well respected stylist to many celebrities and normal people just too numerous to count. She’s also top fashionista in her own right, in fact her chameleonic adaptive ability to always look different, but always super gorgeous and stunning amazes all without a doubt, all the time. She also own a quite popular, very well patronised eatery known for sumptuous Amala and other delicious offerings. Not done yet, she’s a Korea trained beauty-preneur, who not only owns a standard spa, hair salon and barbershop, but she’s also into well recommended and well received beauty and body products that is approved by the proper body in charge of such. Still not done yet, she also owns her own standard make up studio manned by well trained professionals. The fact is that, her businesses covers the whole gamut- from fashion, lifestyle, wellness to hospitality, catering to real estate/property development, photography and videography, education and charity. The empire like she loves to call her HQ is what can be properly referred to as the one-stop-shop for all. She’s not called a mogulette for fun at all.

Her ethos in business have always been- Determination, Consistency and Faith in herself. And she’s always held tenaciously to the trio like her life depends on it.

The beauty of the March 1, 2021 event is that, she wants to spend it with a number of carefully selected fans as a form of appreciation for their unshaken loyalty and unrelenting love for her. But due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic restrictions, unfortunately she’s unable to host the large numbers that had intended to attend. So all protocols would be strictly adhered to. She is offering these fans that she appreciates so much a (Free For All) masterclass, where other quite successful but popular business owners would also share invaluable tips on how to succeed in business. At the end of it all and not done yet, 3 candidates would be offered (full scholarships) to learn the art of fashion and style, all for FREE at her Tianbahstyling Fashion Academy.

If for nothing at all, she deserves a beautiful ovation and a deserving birthday wish on the occasion of her birthday and for her unflinching benevolence all the time.

May your days be long.

Happy birthday and congratulations.


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