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Lala Akindoju Fregene
Lala Akindoju-Fregene

All month long as she was luxuriating in joyous expectations of a new arrival set to come soon then, she had been titillating all comers, with one gorgeous, sometime dazzling pictures of her beautiful baby bump after another. You could see all over her that the eagerness was awesome. She had prepared to welcome this bundle of joy with all the motherly love she could muster, her mien said it all.

This was going to be her 1st child with her celebrity husband Chef Fregz, she was going to be a mother at last wow! Then just at the tail end of the month, on Sunday, February 28, 2021 with all the joy she could muster, she announced the arrival of the baby of the moment, are bundle of joy, a bouncing baby boy at that. Making all of the 9 months of waiting, of the many changes in the body, the little hiccups now and then all worth the while. She couldn’t contain her happiness as with a deep sense of gratitude, she exclaimed from her being thus-

Even if I had ten thousand tongues, it will never be enough to say thank you to the Lord.

“Our hearts are filled with joy and thanksgiving because our baby boy is finally here.

“My birth story is one for the books and I will share it one day…. I am grateful for an excellent support system especially a husband solid as a rock.

“Adéoreòfé Toritseju Chukwuebuka Fregene is our constant reminder of God’s grace shown through his strength and might.

“Adéoreòfé- A crown of grace (Grace God gives freely) Toritseju- God’s will is supreme Chukwuebuka- God is the greatest.

“He is such a beautiful boy! You can call him Adéore.”

Congratulations to the thespian extraordinaire as she interpreted this God’s will and script perfectly, more to come Insha Allah.


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