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So the much anticipated movie Coming to America 2 finally berthed and premiered yesterday, Friday, March 5, 2021 at the Imax filmhouse at Lekki, Lagos. Yesterday’s premiere was one of the only that happened around the world as the 2nd was in South Africa. The Lagos one showed on the supposed largest screen in Africa.

All through the week, the hype about the film had been unprecedented. And pumped by it, the people were so eager for the d-day to finally arrive. It was going to be a major opportunity and platform to play dress up for most who had been starved for just too long. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and the protocols put in place to slow or halt its spread, had hampered fun to a deep degree and people had become lethargic already. So were in need of a fun shot of adrenaline of some sort. So any opportunity given for a bit of fresh air, was going to be grabbed with both hands, legs and anything that could be used too.

The organisers of the premiere via their sponsors went even further to raise the hype far more, by promising to pick and gift the best dressed of the evening, with a trip to Nairobi, Kenya so this further raised the stake and therefore guests during the week were probably in a frenzy thinking about what they could wear to get the whole attention and most probably win the prize sponsored by Travelbeta. Tailors, designers and stylists must surely have had a super hectic time to please their clients and meet the demands. And the final results were a mixture of sure hits, near misses and some disasters, not that bad sha, don’t mind me.

Truth be told though, a whole lot tried as much as they could to interpret the dress code as they thought best, which was “African Royalty”. We particularly loved some far far more, maybe because of the simplicity and unpretentiousness of their amazing outfits aandthe way they carried themselves too.

Nengi ummmmmmmmm, the ultimate nymph with the bbazooka banging body and those sumptuously sexy dreamy eyes, was a sexpot dynamite that would awaken the dead body of a a life long virgin abbot, everything about her on the night, oozed pure and unrestrained sexy bombshell. The girl fine die ooooo, with a badass shape too to go with it. We love the fact that her ooutfitmade by Maryam Elisha’s Rikaotobyme was not over dramatic at all, as it allowed her natural gorgeousness to show through and be showcased too, so it wasn’t a battle with her outfit at all, by this we mean she wasn’t swarmed by the outfit, so she and her outfit were both winners in our estimate.  Cee C another BBN alumni also killed it too, showing all the good parts and showcasing her dark beauty in her simple but beautiful outfit. Vee also a part of the BBN series, in fact one of the last persons standing at the last Big Bro Nigeria reality series in her simple white outfit channelled the beautiful Pocahontas at her most stylish, most impressive best. We loved the simplicity of her outfit and how she wore it, that the outfit didn’t wear her. Beverly Naya, a growing style maven, who would in years to come most likely emerge as a style icon, as the hostess for the night was mad on point too, as she was regal in her carriage and how she moved about in her outfit, with very lithe movement, she seem to be getting more beautiful by the year. Lola OJ, the gorgeous mom of one, just showcased her classic beauty, which impressed us to high heavens. Another dark lovely and very regal queen in emerald green was Linda Osifo.

Amongst those who preferred the drama and took the “see me as I come” approach, Juliet Ibrahim caught our eye, for the men, Prince of Big Bro Naija, hands down was the best dressed. He was awesome in his Kente- he did the Ghana Royalty Garb with his supposed gold scepter and all the gold all about him well and we loved it. There were many fake furs and animal prints or leather on display, that just spelt the cheapness it should normally spell and showcased people trying too hard as it wasn’t effortless, which should be a criteria for best dressed always.

Mercy Eke as always, the undisputable drama queen came to catch the eyes, as she was styled by the king of drama himself, King Swanky so it was to be expected, thought Swanky also styled Venita Akpofure too, as she also was drama personified, but men the girl even after 2 kids is a freaking pretty mama jammer. Toolz ummmmmmmmmm ever in our eyes, loved them gifts, thank God for His gifts to you. Isia Aisien was the leopard queen, who also showed her twin gifts to great effect.

NENGI in RikaotobyME
Beverly Naya the hostess
Juliet Ibrahim
idia Aisiem
Chioma “Goodhair Ltd” Ikokwu


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