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Margaret AdeNike Balogun aka Nikky Bizzle owner of Cafe de Flore, Mykonos, The Tearoom Lagos etc


Margaret AdeNike Balogun aka Nikky Bizzle owner of Cafe de Flore, Mykonos, The Tearoom Lagos etc

….Dissatisfied client drags the boss of Cafe de Flore endlessly. Calls her a chronic debtor. Both throws curses at each other and more.

This is not the best of time for AdeNike Margaret Balogun aka Nikky Bizzle, the boss of multiple lifestyle business concerns likes of Mykonos, Cafe de Flore, Maggie’s Fleur Box, Diamond Ink Luxury Events and The Tea Room Lagos, all quite popular and said to be successful business concerns all located on the island and that are patronised by the happening crowd and the creme de la creme of the society, mostly based on the Island. The unrepentant fashionista and Harvard University short course graduate, who is one of the most eligible bachelorettes in Nigeria, drew the unfettered anger of a client (on going battle) over a paltry N120,000 (one hundred and twenty thousand Naira) and for that amount, all hell has been let loose on Instagram and so much unwanted, not needed and unpalatable revelations or better still, can of worms opened for the public to view.

We can bet that if the N120,000 had just been paid with minimum fuss or an agreement had been reached, all that have been let loose, with the mother (Mom) of Nike and the daughter and husband of the other lady being dragged, would have remained locked up where they were hiding till tomorrow. But now the drama has been played and is on going as we speak, with one side threatening to go to the Police to report a case of threat to life, while the other side has threatened to get the lawyers involved too.

The insults to and frow have been unbelievable to say the least totally terrible. Just imagine that very innocent people, including the ailing mother of Nike and the daughter of the lady being owed have now become a part of this unpalatable mess.

Hear some of the unwholesome adjectives used to describe Nike- dumb, idiot, bastard untrained child, disgrace child, hippopotamus body, soakaway brain, shameless, stupid, senseless, single and searching bastard, eleribu (never do well), onigbese (chronic debtor).

Imagine curses like- ‘you will die by accident’.

Or threat like -“I see you for road, I go beat the living soul out of that hippopotamus body”

Imagine such nonsense totally childish thing like- “You dare mention my daughter’s name when you simply know I had her 4 times before she stayed abi, before you started swearing for my daughter, did you not know she’s a rainbow child……since you want to bring pity pity to the matter….Sango kee you!

Imagine this- “Denike Balogun has bipolar disorder… body can tell otherwise”.

Just imagine all of the above from 2 adults!

About a year or more ago, Denike also had some issues then with her former manager Funmi, which turned physical at a point, as clothes were torn to shreds and some privates were exposed for those in close proximity to see. The issue then also had to do with money.

So this kind of altercations from all indications isn’t just an isolated occurrence.

So the issue is this, why allow matters to get to the state of threat, physical fights, police interventions and more, when matters could have just been very easily solved?

The Nikky Bizzle we all know is actually a fashionista extraordinaire, which the lady has pooh-poohed now. She’s one lady with a bodacious shape, that the lady has also pooh-poohed, when she said that by the time “she’s done with her, ur implants, would fall off ur butt’s just by itself”.


Adenike Balogun at Harvard University


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