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Rita Dominic
Rita Dominic lead act #lafemmeanjola


Mo Abudu

Just like the title of the article has said glamour itself was happy and proud as the subject were on point in their interpretation of the dress code which had said masked monotone. The event was none other than the premiere of the latest Nigerian blockbuster which has as the most visible star, the incredible thespian and award winning veteran of the klieglights, the one and only Rita Dominic.

The movie titled #lafemmeanjola also has the veteran Ego Boyo starring too and it’s a Mildred Okwo offering. Venue of the premiere was none other than Mo Abudu’s pride of place, the EbonyLife Place across Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. We haven’t seen the film but we know it must be great at least judging by some of the acts in it, who are all known to be great role interpreters. The fact again that it is a Mildred Okwo film says a whole lot too.

This article is not about the film itself at all, but rather all about the style interpretations of the many of the guests who had thronged the venue, looking badass stylish in some of the best colours of the season.

Mennnnnnn Ebuka Obi Uchendu is not just a style lord, but a bloke an half too plus a quarter more. He has come to understand his type of style to a T and when he gets it right, he is the leader by milky ways. The tone of his outfit, the style of it and the styling of him and it and those shoes we love them brown and pointed and with such type of heels, were totally and outrageously on point, this dude would rival the best of models anywhere. And he does his outfits so well, the oomph he sometimes showcase is most often unparalleled. He needs to be careful though or else he could be stolen away by his admirers, both male and female. If he continues on this note, he could become a style icon in the future.

Kudos to some of the alumnis of the Big Bro Nigeria series, it’s either they themselves have a great understanding of stylem especially as it suits them or that their stylist are just badass great or just that the 2 of them, that is they and their stylist are just the bomb combo, the merging of greatness.

Cee C hmmmmmmm the bombshellic angel….., the outfit, the make up, the colour of the outfit, the styling of it and then the pose, the air, the near bare chest! All on point. She got out tune perfectly and is playing our note majestically. Kudos gal!

Nengi is a beautiful, classic lady, she defines raw sexual energy in the most elegant and nearly innocent and angelic way, that cobalt blue outfit was on point.

Mo Abudu’s dress sense shouldn’t even be a subject of any type of discussion, if with her world view she doesn’t then have it, who then can? She’s way… way above many far younger than her. Her’s is about the wholesomeness- the make up was perfect, hair coiffeired perfectly just to suit her beautiful face, showing off her asset, that forehead and thos3 smouldering eyes. At more than 50, she’s still got it in overabundance. Her red outfit represented like it was expected or supposed to, it must have inspired that classic- Lady in red…….. simple, well fitted, classy and glam!

Temisan…..yummycilious…what can one just say about the grace and class this outfit spoke out loud on his graceful physique. He looked every inch like a smooth chocolate super star movie icon or a stylish playboy prowling to get picked rather than him picking lol..

Linda Osifo for me is the very epitome of the definition of dark and lovely and class and distinction. We have fallen for her style quotient in the last few outings we have encountered her. We ask her to please take a bow!

Rebecca Bachor came as our poison ivy and she got us eating without a conscience from her palm. Her green outfit was a perfect fit and colour and dud her loads of good. She’s top heavy and we all know it, it’s not all outfit that would showcase those gifts excellently always. Not just that alone, no need to always choke us with what we should always expect. Covering up upstairs and showing off some legs in this green with envy ensemble was badass on point. We salute.

Omotoke Makinwa looking good or stylish is already a given. So we can’t say too much about her great outfit, a silver and blue top and oant outfit. It was cool and fun. Fashion is her thing and she has captured it in a vice already.

Mimi Onalaja wore one of the best and classically simple orange outfit we have seen in a while. She wore the outfit and gave it life.

Ini Ini Ini….yum yum, love her assemble, a simple wrap jacket, culotte and boob top, with loads of sexiness and bodaciousness on fleek.


Ini Edo

Mercy Eke

Mo Abudu & Ebuka Obi Uchendu

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

Omo-Sexy, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi & Mo Abudu’

Ego Boyo


Kate Henshaw


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