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Abisola Kolapo Kola-Daisi nee Abisola Abiola-Ajumobi
Birthday Gal- Abisola Kolapo-Daisi as she clocked 40

40 they say is just like staring life anew. A new beginning as one supposedly enters a new lease of life as an adult, hence they say life begins at 40. So last week, the former 1st daughter of Oyo, the incredible gorgeous fashionista, Abisola Kolapo-Daisi of the Florence H lifestyle brand hit 40 and the March baby couldn’t just contain her joy and she expressed it with exceptional gratitude all through the week, even till now.

We nearly forgot to look her way as we were more preoccupied with the scandalous war of attrition that had broken out between Adenike Margaret Balogun and Masidat Kassim, as both ladies left nothing to chance and sacred as they dirtied themselves endlessly on the social media, throwing exclusive invectives at each other as much as they could muster and manufacture. The fight was so epic that we were totally and fully preoccupied, reporting it live, action for action. So this milestone of the first daughter of the immediate last Executive Governor of Oyo state, who passed on sadly and quite unfortunately last year due to Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic complications nearly skipped our attention.

If Abisola Kolapo-Daisi nee Abisola Abiola-Ajumobi could have asked for just one exclusive birthday wish or were God to have been a genii, the one who could grant even just one wish just like that, especially for a birthday present, we could bet that Abisola would have asked without thinking twice nor flinching, that her dad Senator Abiola Ajumobi, the first man to have broken the 2nd term jinx in Oyo State as Governor and the husband of the gloriously beautiful and gorgeous Mrs. Florence Ajumobi, be still alive till now or even forever, as it would have given her clocking 40 far more value and made it far more meaningful. But alas, if wishes were horses that one could just ride on to ones destination. RIP sir!

In the absence of her beloved dad, as they were very close, in fact there’s, is one exemplarily close knit family, she didn’t allow her loss or better still there loss, which wasn’t too long ago to stifle her joy at all. It was first her super gorgeous mom was the first to wish her daughter, who she said was an awesome daughter to have as her first child, a happy birthday.

To celebrate the milestone appropriately, husband and wife decided to celebrate it all alone, without the encumbrances of family, just having themselves for themselves alone strictly and so they went, still on probably, on an intimate getaway in beautiful picturesque Mexico.

Kolapo her handsome and gentleman banker husband first surprised her to an intimate private happy birthday dinner, all alone by themselves, surrounded by gorgeousness and all the decor, like the world belonged to just the 2 of them alone. The romance that was on display was exceptional. Seem like this birthday celebration must just at the end of the day serve (a twin) wink wink as a later on beautiful birthday present. They even had a celebrity cookout too as was monitored by a world class chef as they made taco as celebrity chef on training.

To celebrate herself and her new age, Abisola who owns the top lifestyle store that’s into top fashion stocking the best of shoes, bags and clothings, went on a photo rampage all through the week. In one of the shots, she emerged like a new flower bloom that had just gotten born to expose her beauty (blossom) to the world. There were other quite exciting and colourful pictures too, like her emerging from the water as it cascaded on her. Then there were the pictures showing her great figure at the beach even after already dropping 3.

Other pictures were just about her or her and her husband, luxuriating in each others love.

Happy Birthday to the well behaved young adult, who we gladly welcome into adulthood.

Happy 1st birthday in your new life.

Long may you live.

And to Kolapo, please chill out on your coolness. It’s too much!!!!!!! 😆 🤣 😂

Good one bro!


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