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Ndidi Agha
Ndidi Agha of Didi Agha collections

Ndidi Agha is the founder and creative director of fast emerging swimwear/resort brand called- DIDI Agha official and the ready to wear brand- Tata collezioni.

Her genesis: Didi as everyone loves to call her, was born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on a momentous day in the beautiful spring month of April, a while ago as the first of three.

She holds a BBA in Accounting from Temple University, Pennsylvania and an MBA in Finance from Lasalle University, Pennsylvania both in the US. She began her career working at the highly regarded Ernst and Young in Philadelphia and then dabbled into creativity bit by bit, many might just assume it was a full switch from the corporate girl to girl boss, but truly like Didi herself says, that she had no troubles at all making the transition to her first love, which is undeniably fashion!

Prior to making a career in the swimsuit industry, she had ran a ready to wear brand Tata collezioni in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. But since having to move to Dubai, the UAE the popular brand had to be moved online.

Tata collezioni with little relation to DAO is made by women for women, women who command boardrooms and still grace their social life while looking fabulous in their pieces.

You can definitely tell from her degrees and passions, that she’s definitely a woman who strives to always surpass the goals she sets for herself; A motto or mantra she swears by, which is to always find new ways to better yourself and not have anyone waste your time; time for her is something she holds dear as it is of great value and should not be spent doing the barest minimum .

The vision to quote her: While creating DAO, I had a bit of doubts creeping in,….I mean who wouldn’t?
The constant reminder that one has to keep evolving, kept replaying in my head, but I can say for sure my mind is blown!!! And this says quite a whole lot as my mind is rarely ever blown.

The SS21 has now launched and I am happy for everyone to see the beautiful, most gorgeous art I have birthed.

The SS21 was created with the island locations I have been to and would definitely love to visit again and again, as soon as the world is somewhat normal, in mind.

Didi Agha collections is a brand providing luxury swim and resort wear for women. We are a Dubai-based company with production in the United Arab Emirates. Our luxury swimsuits are perfect for a quick swim at the summer resorts. They combine elegantly with luxury cover ups for yacht cruises and memorable summer holidays. Get ready to turn heads wherever you go with unique designs that will never let you go unnoticed.

Discover our luxury swim wear collection: You will find two-piece swim wear, one-piece swimsuits, luxury beach cover ups and accessories. The focus on the detail, the finest finishing and highest quality fabrics make the bikinis, bathing suits and suits real pieces of art

Our patterns- Exclusive designs and drawings created at our Dubai studios

Fabrics- Only the best fabric sourced and specially designed right here in the UAE.



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