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Meet Nola Adetola the new Wizkid of The Real Estate Business

Nola Adetola, CEO of Veritasi Homes and Properties Limited
Nola Adetola

Nola Adetola is a young and upwardly mobile real estate entrepreneur who is headlining the advent of a new team of real estate community consisting of developers, property consultants, and end-users. Nola’s experience in the real estate marketing and investment sphere brings to the fore an avalanche of credible expertise in that industry and beyond.

The CEO and Founder of Veritasi Homes and Properties Limited, one of the fastest-rising real estate companies in Nigeria has over the years built credible relationships in Nigeria and abroad with the provision of top-of-the-range real estate solutions cutting across property sales, real estate advisory services, land acquisition, and property development, with a sales record of over N2 billion in less than five years.

Nola Adetola is certainly one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the real estate industry in Nigeria who is building houses worth several billions of Naira and the very humble entrepreneur is just 31 years old. The graduate of Chemical Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State is no doubt committed to offering consummate real estate solutions in a bid to deliver luxurious and affordable housing to all Nigerians in Nigeria and in the diaspora.

Nola is the type who doesn’t believe in luck but in hard work as he has been working all his life despite just being 31 years old with Veritasi been his eighth company. In Nola’s words ‘’If I stop working now, I would still be fine, even for the next 70 years, because I have been working for the past 15 years, it has become a part of me to work. If peradventure I stop working, I would just need to liquidate some of my assets and move to England and I would be very fine’’.

When asked when he would get married, Nola said he wants to have a baby more than he wants a wife, in his words ‘’I want to have a baby more than I want to get married. I missed the person I was supposed to get married to because I was solely focused on making money so I missed her. I have a girlfriend, she is not in Nigeria, she is in the UK and she is a banker over there. I really would love to get married one day, at the moment I have two adopted kids, you wouldn’t know they are not mine’’.

Nola, whose Camberwall Estate has been adjudged as one of the hot cakes in the real estate sector is currently working on 6.5 billion Naira project in Banana Island.

He was also recently decorated as member of the Forbes 30 under 30.


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