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Kika Osunde

Kika is a well known top fashionista extraordinaire and one of the super stylish duo that owns the premium hair supply brand ‘Good Hair Ltd’ with outlets in Lagos, Nigeria and the UK, but with a supply chain across the world, amongst a growing list of lifestyle brands they own that also includes Brass and Copper, an upscale lounge/restaurant located at their mall in the Lekki Phase 1 axis on the island in Lagos.

From all the indications available for all to see, both ladies, who are young lifestyle millionaires by all accounts, who loves the attention that the social media brings their way to the highest heaven, as they are always ever happy to sap or better still milk it dry, as their followership continues to grow daily, with willing audiences who are ever eager to try to tap into their lifestyle choices, which in this present world now is great for business. More people, more money. Maybe this is the reason for the awesome boom in their businesses and one of the secrets to their success.

Kika, the 30 plus London based partner in the very successful lifestyle business, who is a perfect advertisement for cosmetic or plastic surgery, (see that her amazing pointed nose) and had once told us that she discovered and embraced body enhancement without any regrets, long long before it now became the rave that many now swear by, joined the rave of the moment- the booty Bounce, with her classy video showcasing her amazing pert derriere in that amazingly form fitting, body sculpting brown latex pant by Adidas X Ivy Park, from the 3rd offering of the collaboration collection with the incredible Beyonce, as she moved stylishly and elegantly to the beat of the song, ‘bounce’ produced by the exceptional Don Jazzy for his prodigy Rema.

Even Don Jazzy himself admitted she wanted to KILL!

The amazing short video of about 17 seconds, which endorses the song and is an ‘ode to bouncing booty’ and that has caught fire 🔥 was done at a very upscale location by the look of it, somewhere in the upper class Knightsbridge area of London, with the designer label cladded Kika looking the ultimate bombshell that she always is.

Check her out in her black turtle neck top on the Adidas X Ivy Park latex pant that’s like the rage now  and her bejeweled black stiletto sandals with that awesome Louis Vuitton Business case in the background and with it all, the badass awesome attitude to flaunt it all, not forgettingat all the badass Yellow Gold Patek Philippe Nautilus which could go from $30000 & much much higher depending on some things.

Could that even be a [new apartment] by Harrods to add to all the effizzy or what?

Hands down and without a doubt, Kika is probably one of the most stylish ladies bar none and of African descent on planet Earth for that matter!

Take it or go hug a transformer!


See the sumptuously sexy video below….


Take it or go hug a transformer!



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