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Olori Hadiza Yakasai Elegushi
Olori Hadiza Yakasai Elegushi

Just like we had rightly predicted that it would be, it was a mother of all celebration that ushered the stylish monarch of Ikateland and environs, HRM Alaiyeluwa Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, the Kusenla III into the 45th level. After all of the prior activities of the d-day, all roads then led to the imposing event center-Monarch Event Center- owned by the Royal Family, where the double pronged celebration held with fanfare and pomp.

The guestlist as was expected was as impressive as we had also predicted too that it would be, with many royals, many of those that we had mentioned before and more in attendance, most were there to let down their hairs, except for maybe the Ooni, who has tradition dictates, being the Arole Oodua the representative of the progenitor of the Yoruba race must always be the epitome of modesty, traditional grace and cultural excellence in his full traditional regalia and with his intimidating entourage. Many of the creme of the society were in attendance too, both old, not so old and the young at heart. To say the truth it was a jam-packed venue and like those who attended claimed great fun.

It became a mini concert, which some even tagged as a ‘mini royal concert’. With Davido, Patoranking, Naira Marley, Fireboy, CDQ & Lil Kesh all im their elements as they performed to the delight of all, who were eagerly singing along to the many hits and shuffling their feet and moving their bodies to the cool rhythm, that’s apart from the incredible Veentage Band, who as always, were exceptional in their delivery of the hit medleys that they have honed to perfection as was the incredible, the exceptional DJ Spinal on the wheels of steel, doing his own magic unrestrained. Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st was the day’s MC. And when all the razzle-dazzle which the crowd loved of the mini concert had ended, then there was the 2nd part, which was a world class dinner to finish it all.

It was a [style parade] of the highest order, with the ladies as was expected of them, doing all that was possible to [out-dazzle, out-style, out-glam] each other on the fashion & style stake. The pandemic and social distancing had stifled everyone’s mojo for just too long, so this was a great arena to display all over again and we weren’t disappointed at all.

Apart from the attendant razzmatazz, the cynosure of all eyes were the celebrant who as was expected was standout stylish and his family too didn’t disappoint at all, most especially his wives- Olori Gushi I & Olori Gushi II, Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi and Olori Hadiza Yakasai Elegushi, both known to be unrepentant and unbridled queens of style without a doubt. With a gemstone collection from what we heard between both, that would blow the eyes and mind to smithereens in admiration. And as was expected, both didn’t disappoint on there husband’s day at all.

But the person that took the cake for us was Olori Gushi II- queen ‘Hadiza Yakasai Elegushi’, who apart from her supreme gorgeousness on the day which is a norm anyway, her badass style & gracious mien, she killed it again as she effortlessly glammed and launched another multimillion ‘Judith Leiber Couture badass clutch’ to finish her look.

This time around unlike the ‘Peony Clutch masterpiece’ by the same brand that she had launched to much admiration at an event in Abuja, where she was the cynosure of all eyes with her graceful mien dazzling all comers as she was with her husband at a wedding party then, this particular clutch was iced out all round, hence the name “THE ICE CASTLE BAG”. From the looks of it, it’s either Olori Hadiza is a either a stakeholder in the Judith Leiber Couture company or a “preferred customer/client (VVIP) of the renowned designer”, one who has in her collection some of the brands most iconic standout clutch bags and more or she’s just so fixated with the drama the Judith Leiber Couture novelty bags causes.

As an aside, a bird whispered confidentially in our ears, saying that the bags and jewellery collection of this ‘Northern gem of note’ whose quiet mien and philanthropy, which she absolutely prefers to keep in the cooler (secret), is extraordinary; could be valued in several tens of millions of Naira.

This particular [Judith Leiber Ice Castle Crystal Clutch] as is described by the iconic bag brand itself, whose many other classic creations sits majestically at some of the best museums in London & America, is in a shade of platinum, silver and snow, the stuff that fairy tale dreams are made of and in this case you can see the dazzling topaz at the top where the clasp is. It comes at between [$5695 to $8747 dollars] depending on where it is gotten from and at N480 to a dollar it would come to between N2.7M plus and N4.2M plus! And this doesn’t include the other dazzlers (gemstones) that she had on, on the day at the party.

Salute to our new queen of ice or better still the ice dazzler queen- Olori Hadiza Yakasai Elegushi.


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