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Mary Daniel
Mary Daniel

The celebrity amputee and mother of one (a 2 year old), who goes by the name Mary Daniel enjoyed the most unprecedented attention in the last few weeks, such that Nigerians out of the benevolence of their hearts came together and donated a whooping N25M Naira to help to change her life for the best. Due to her plight and the attention she got, she became an instant social media sensation.

The 26 year old lady from Kogi who was hawking bottled water had by a stroke of good luck and chance come to the attention of very many kindhearted Nigerians, who rallied round to become the angels of mercy for her. So much so that even when the attention she had gotten had reached a crescendo, even the Lagos State Government under the administration of Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu had to quickly jump on the bandwagon to show care too as a responsive and responsible Government to protect her from criminal elements they felt could want to take advantage of her new status.

After her discovery and she was met, she painted a most harrowing story of suffering and neglect, moving from one state to the other- Anambra to Delta before finally landing in Lagos where mother luck smiled on her. She claimed to have lost both her parents in a dastardly motor accident in December 2006, which took the lives of all the passengers except her lucky self, except that she lost a limb (right leg) in the process. She went further to claim that she had a child for her fiance who dumped her after she got pregnant, as he denied responsibility for the pregnancy and then a living grandmother, both of whom she takes care of via the little from hawking water at Oshodi. She also spoke about having to stop school at JSS 3, as she had to fend for herself. The so called harrowing past brought and bought for her, so much sympathy that people actually fell over themselves to give their supports any which way they could. One of those who gave support was Uche Nwosu, a son-in-law of Senator Rochas Okorocha and a former chief of staff to the former Governor and Gubernatorial aspirant at the last election in Imo State, who gave her N1M as she said she wanted to open a provisions store. That actually opened the floodgate of the downpour, the avalanche of goodwill with Nigerian international Victor Osinmen also chipping in.

All was going good and great as people rejoiced as per how another person like the poor bread hawker’s life was going to change for the best, an inspiring story of grass to grace it was going to be. Even her birthday was celebrated with loads of pomp and fun, with gifts and cakes and more. Even an organisation had promised to pay for a prosthetic leg for her, that was going to be delivered in a few weeks. The future was looking well made already like her prayers had been heard already and deliverance had come, with several Moses coming together to lead her to her Canaan.

But alas, a clog has come into her wheel of progress abruptly that may terribly affect her Castle built in the air, as she has been found to have lied most flagrantly about some parts of her past and most of what she had painted. Apparently, she and some people had connivied so perfectly they had thought, to hoodwink Nigerians and take them on a ride of fancy. Sad part though is that, maybe if she had said the truth as it was, she could still have gotten the same reactions she had gotten. But she had had to go paint tales by moonlight that wasn’t the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The thing is, if you can lie over little facts, then you could have lied about just everything!

First and foremost, the LASG discovered that her dad was still alive. So the story that she had lost both parents and all others in a motor accident from Katsina State going to Ayungba in Kogi State in December of 2006, was a lie from the pits of hell. Secondly, her leg was actually amputated from birth and never from any accident that she was involved in, in her teens. The discovery of her falsehood came to light because she had been receiving threats from those who had helped her stage her story, who had wanted their own share of her largesse that they felt they were entitled to and who were threatening to expose the truth. Apparently her being at Oshodi was also staged managed!

Upon the discovery of the lies the state government have blocked her access to the money N25M donated to her and have handed her over to the social welfare authorities in the presence of the police and some Kogi leaders, who had attested to the fact that her dad was alive.

Is her dream to own her own supermarket, where she would employ her 2 cousins to come from the East and Delta State now in jeopardy?


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