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Rebecca Nengi Hampson

Nengi Hampson

Seems like the men of the “Big Brother Nigeria Reality Series” all or better still most, needs to go find someone to cut them the soap or if it is soaps they need, as a larger percentage of their female housemates seem to have found the secret to success (making money), whilst most of them (guys) are still struggling to make ends meet.

Before you know it, we have heard of the former female housemates buying or changing cars, buying or moving into some massive apartments, flaunting bags likes of the Hermes Birkin which has become like a rite of acceptance for the ladies all over the world, especially in Nigeria into the big gal club of not less than $12000 Dollars each like they are just buying handkerchiefs at Yaba market.

Whilst the ladies are flaunting many copies of the Birkin plus the Chanels, Diors, Louis Vuittons and Bottegas and far more also, $5000 dollars alone for their male counterparts would have gone a massive distance. But alas, they are men, not ladies.

So Nengi, one of the former housemates at the last BBN series- the 5th in the franchise, who gave the eventual winner- Laycon, a run for the money and who is probably one of the most beautiful, most bodacious to have ever to have gone into the house, the other being Venita and maybe Erica, has been in the news a whole lot of late and for many good reasons at that. The supremely gorgeous and nymph like ‘Senior Special Assistant to none other than the executive Governor of the oil rich Bayelsa State, is on a rollercoaster ride of grace of late. And in terms of a lot of things, she’s a leader of the pack already by many miles. The nearest to her, a former winner Mercy Eke, who won the series 4 prior to the 5th that Nengi was part of, has 2.3M followers to her 2.4M and Mercy was actually there long before her. Her supposed main rival Erica, is many eons back with a followership of just 1.6M to her 2.4M, that’s a whooping 800000 more followers at that!

Rebecca Nengi Hampson’s monetary and asset value too seems to just be soaring higher and better and better, improving exponentially by the day with much aplomb too. A classy house befitting a princess bought, impressive endorsements sealed like the Glenfiddich and more, businesses like her shoe brand opened to a loud ovation and high class luxurious buyings to the booth to add to it.

So the unrepentant fashionista went a notch higher recently, in fact just a few hours ago to be more precise, far much more than her colleagues past and present too and with this she may have put them all under pressure too and set them on a race to either meet up or outdo her, when she made a purchase of a diamond encrusted Rolex datejust watch with precious stones as dials too, that was a sight for sore eyes 👀 and the watch may have set her back by plus £25000 which is about N15M more or less. She picked up the beautiful piece at A Jwellers in London, known for selling authentic pieces that is certified. She paid for the piece in cash! Pound Sterling to be more precise! When you have arrived, you have arrived. Common sense says if you can spend £25000 cash, you must atleast have £150000 still in reserve! These girls are rolling in mad cash!


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