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Mr and Mrs Chris Attoh
Mr and Mrs Chris Attoh

Seems like this tall, midnight dark and quite good looking (handsome) ebony lord, said to be one of the finest actors from Ghana by the name Christopher Keith Attoh, the Ghanaian answer to Will Smith is a totally hopeless romantic, who no matter what, even if it takes until the 10th trial, he wouldn’t mind to dig through the unbreakable maze or the long dark tunnel or even swim the oceans, no matter what may be the obstacle, all in his quest or search for love.

After his 1st 2 marriages ended abruptly, first one a failed one to the stupendously gorgeous mother of his baby and former wife -Damilola Attoh nee Adegbite, after just a few years (2 & half years to be more precise, from 2015 to 2017), they got divorced in Septemberof 2017. Then the 2nd one to a gorgeous US based lady by the name Betty Jennifer, a mother of twin kids, who he married in October of 2018 ended after just several months on May 10 of 2019, as the lady was assassinated via gunshots in the US. The 41 year old who would clock 42 in a few weeks, May 16 to be more precise, the lover man dude has decided to give the beautiful institution of marriage another trial again after just about 2 plus years of the unfortunate death of Betty, according to the news that has taken over the airwaves, albeit secretly. Bettie his late wife, whom he had married in Ghana at a ceremony, was shot by an unknown gunman at the car park as she was leaving her office at about 5pm on the sad Friday in 2019. She was shot in the head after trying to run from her attacker. The 44 year old lady was alleged to have been married to 2 men- Chris and another Kendrick Jennifer, a convicted Baltimore drug lord serving a 20 years sentence simultaneously. Though there was another speculation that, the 2nd marriage too may have already hit the rocks, before his wife was actually shot dead.

The speculations that he may have remarried for the 3rd time came about over a video where he was seen to have proposed to another lady another US based Nigerian-American by the name “Chinecherem Eze” in America. The speculation says that the traditional marriage between the newly married couple was done in absentia in Nsukka, Enugu State on Saturday, May 1, 2021, while the lovebirds were in the US.

This is praying that that this would be a third time lucky for the Ghanaian hunk. His new wife- Chinecherem is said to also be an actor, producer and a US based investor. Their court wedding apparently took place on Wednesday, April 28, 2021.


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