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Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke

He had tried to reap where he didn’t sow before, by presenting a litany of lies as his educational attainment while wanting to become the Governor of the State of Osun a few years back. Most of the results that were presented by him or for him were found to have been hocus pocus, illusions, but even at that he still got his party’s backing to run for the Gubernatorial election and this was because the people were fed up with the APC and also because the people wanted a breath of fresh air and also because the Adelekes had goodwill, built from the day’s of their father and subsequently sustained through the late Serubawon and then the goodwill of Deji Adeleke. And he nearly won or like some prefers to state it, he actually won, till an APC magical show, an abracadabra known as a runoff, had to be employed to slamdunk him, so they said. He had riden on the popular support of the people and gotten an advantage also due to the people’s hatred and disgust of the former Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, now the Minister of Interior and then he got the colossal backing of his filthy rich elder brother, who is Davido’s dad, Mr. Adedeji Adeleke, who spared nothing in the world to support his brother’s dream and was willing to even go further.

But alas he ccouldn’t ance to the GGovernor’s office and house as was expected, only just by a stroke of badluck. He nearly became your excellency sir, Governor of the State of Osun.

Just before that election of that year, it was discovered that there was no O level results for the Senator as he had claimed! What he had claimed he had was actually not in existence, but was just a figment of the imagination of some people or himself. Yes, he had supposedly registered for the O level GCE examination in 1981, but he was absent for all the papers except one, for which he got an F9, meaning total failure. Then he went further also to claim to have gotten a degree, a diploma in Criminology from the Jacksonville State University (JSU) where he claimed to have graduated in 1986. But alas also, he that didn’t even have an O’level results that now claimed to have gone to JSU was found to have lied again, and flagrantly so too.

Via enquiries made to the University then and responded to by the Director of Public Relations of JSU, a Buffy Lockette, the claims by the “Distinguished” Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to have gone to JSU and to have gotten a certificate or degree was pooh-poohed as been none existent.

Tbough he grandstood like he was been victimised unnecessarily, but he had been found out and so went quietly into his anonymous cocoon for a bit. But not totally perturbed by his travails and not one to continue to cry over split milk forever, the Senator looking towards a soon emerging future and a bright one at that where all things are possible, as a man with a dream, still focused on becoming the Governor of his state come 2022, he decided to go on the most honourable path by enrolling in school truly now to go study for a degree near what he had lied about before- Criminology, this time around majoring in Criminal Justice- hmmmmmmmm…..

And so that there shouldn’t be any more obstacles of any type, atleast as it concerns fake or non existent educational attainments again, his PR handlers have done a yore man’s job and have made sure to let the fact that he had actually gone to school now and graduated fill the mill and with pictures too to back it up.

So the funny man of politics, the most hilarious at that of the national assembly when he was there, the man whose dancing prowess was legendary and extraordinary and was always a glorious delight to watch when he gets into his groove, having now done the needful, is back in the game again gbammest to cause jitters for the ruling APC in Osun State towards 2022, when the incumbent hopes to retain the seat for a 2nd term. But this time around we believe, it might or would be a much more harder task for Gboyega Oyetola, this is because the Governor, said to be a relation (cousin) of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, hasn’t been seen to have done anything extraordinary in the state yet, to warrant a return.

Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke, the charismatic younger brother of the late Serubawon (panic them) Senator Isiaka Adeleke, who was a very well loved former action Governor of Osun State and later a distinguished Senator before his unfortunate death, it was his seat that the younger Senator Ademola Adeleke finally took over after his death between 2017 and 2018 before going to run for that Gubernatorial election, is now a true graduate in Criminal Justice of the “Atlanta Metropolitan State College”, Atlanta Georgia, USA. In fact his certificate reads thus- “Ademola [Jackson] Nurudeen Adeleke, is a candidate for the degree in Bachelor of Science with a major in Criminal Justice with [high honours].

Now his middle name JACKSON, may have finally revealed why he is so dexterous at dancing hence he became the Dancing Senator and an incomparable entertainer! May be, he is just possessed

Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke

of the spirit of the King of pop- the inimitable Michael Jackson.



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