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WHAT A SHAME…would her attacker get away with such an action? Has Accra, Ghana suddenly become totally unsafe for the fashionista- entrepreneur? The next few days would reveal to all, by the sequence of actions expected what sort of a lady, the stylish Kika is.

Accra, Ghana our near next door neighbour, where loads from Nigeria and the diaspora find loads more safe and fun, became a somewhat safe haven for this top fashionista and part owner of the lifestyle brand -Good Hair Ltd, which she co-owns with her equally standout partner, the very brilliant Chioma Ikokwu.

Both ladies are also the co-owners of another lifestyle watering hole, “Brass and Copper”, a 1st class restaurant cum bar located at their plaza in the Lekki Phase 1 area of Lagos, Nigeria.

Since after the monumental fiasco of a scandal that happened last year that shook everywhere and raised a whole of dust, Kika for fear of embarrassment and arrest had made Nigeria her 2nd country after the country of her birth, a no go area.

She being a British citizen, those who had wanted to arrest her for questioning as it concerns some of the scandalous happenstance of 2020, where her name had featured rather prominently couldn’t do anything. So to avoid any arrest or invitation by the Nigerian Police, she had since then tactically refused to enter the country and had instead turned Accra, Ghana to her place of choice, to show off and have an absolutely amazing funtime. So she’s always a frequent visitor to the country of ‘Kwame Nkrumah’. And when she’s there as often as goes there, as the place is in close proximity to Nigeria, she makes sure that all and sundry know she’s there. Where she would be showcasing her immense style for the world to ogle at and choke on. Maybe it’s her way or as a way of saying, “catch me if you can?”

But that supposed safe haven might have now become an absolute place of fright and become unsafe all of a sudden, going by a surprise attack that must have taken her unaware just a few hours ago!

Apparently according to the unsubstantiated news, the wife of her supposed male friend who was supposedly suspicious of their relationship or dalliance with her husband and had found out her whereabout, went to where Kika the big gal was with a couple of her friends in tow, to attack her and manhandle her! In a video that has since gone viral on the social media, the unpretentious fan of plastic surgery or should we say cosmetic surgery, who had gone overboard with one too many, nips and tucks all over that has gotten some even scared, was seen and heard screaming at the top of her voice as a particular quite obviously angry and violent lady, went for her to grab her and in the process, even removed Kika’s sport shoes angrily. The lady was infact going for the jugular as a man came in between the new UFC pugilists, who were hell bent on causing bad damage.

It could be heard in the background as a man was asking why Kika was screaming at the top of her voice as she tried to defend herself from the pummelling that was coming her way.

Would Kika affect an arrest or arrests over the attack? And therefore claim damages? Or will it just be a case of 2 fighting?

Would it be safe henceforth for her now in Accra, Ghana which had become a safe haven sort of, with the audacity of this particular attack? Is this one just a warning?

Could others having seen this now take a cue from it and mastermind their own attacks?

Seems like the 30 year plus clothes horse, who loves to flaunt her acquisitions to the admiration of her many fans and followers, may have a whole lot of enemies that may be willing to do damage to her or come after her, if given the opportunity.


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