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21 STOREY BUILDING IN IKOYI COLLAPSES TRAPPING MANY UNDER ITS RUBBLES. Owner Mr. Femi Osibona suspected to be amongst those trapped. 

Many who quickly ran to the location of this terrible incident in highbrow Ikoyi, are praying fervently now for the lives of those who are unfortunately trapped under the rubbles of the jinxed collapsed 21-storey building that was still under construction, located on 44BCD, Gerard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The unfortunate and quite sad occurrence happened about an hour ago now. And the Lagos State Government parastatal in charge of rescue operations LASEMA have been informed already and are on the site  doing what they know best to do- rescue of lives and preventionof further loss of lives.

According to the information we could gather, construction or better still, work on the site had been stopped for months now as even reported by a sister online platform in July  by the Lagos State Government agency due to some issues bothering on structural integrity and the likes (building without approval and more). And the construction site was supposedly sealed to even prevent work from continuing further. But somehow and someway, those in charge had circumvented the Government seal and with  their workers were able to gain entrance and had continued to build,  clandestinely without the Government having any inkling, that their seal had been flouted, before this unfortunate collapse now occurred.

It is even said that the owner of the building, a Mr. Femi Osibona, who owns Fourscore Heights Ltd and some other people  and workers were right on the site having a meeting, when the building suddenly came crashing down under them, trapping very many that were on it under its rubbles.

The engineering company-Prowess Engineering Ltd, that had been working initially with the construction owners, had at a point in 2020 withdrawn their services as stated in a letter we have also published here, due to complaint about the integrity of the said construction. “They had outrightly said they could only guarantee the integrity of the 1st 2 buildings and only works done to the 4th floor of the 3rd, which is now the collapsed building. They had even instructed that their name and logo should be removed forthwith from the project board as they would take any responsibility for anything they may occur afterwards.

Now with this unfortunate incident of today, being Monday, November 1  2021, even if the owner survives this terrible accident his ordeal would just be beginning as he would have something major to grind with the Lagos State Government. The first thing for him to do now is to be praying fervently, that himself and all others trapped are rescued alive.

Lasema is on ground with other required agencies to rescue as many as they can. 


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