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The wife of the dead property developer Femi Osibona by the name Doyin arrives Nigeria.


Doyin Osibona
Olufemi Adegoke Osibona aka Fourscore 53

Doyin Osibona, the wife of the now dead founder of Fourscore Heights Ltd, whose body was pulled out of the debris of his collapsed Ikoyi structure on 44 B,C,D Gerrard Road Ikoyi, Lagos yesterday evening of Thursday, November 4, 2021,  arrived the shores of Nigeria today.

The 48 year old, grieving wife, said to be a very private person, left her abode in the United Kingdom last night and should have landed Nigeria already after the 6 hours flight in Lagos, today Friday, November 5, 2021. Doyin’s 3 gorgeous daughters would be grieving the loss of their father quite sadly as we speak.

Doyin’s 53 year old (husband) a father of 4, was one of the about 40 or more, who have unfortunately lost their lives under the rubble of the collapsed 21-storey construction her husband owns.

Femi Osibona, his friend Wale Bob Oseni, Nifemi Femi’s PA, Pastor Ola Ogunfuwa, Chinyere, a new female staff and many others were in the 21-storey structure when it literally gave way under them and killed most leaving only 9 alive, made up of 6 men and 3 ladies. The sad accident occurred on Monday, November 1, 2021.

Many have since called for a proper, painstaking investigation to ascertain what may have been the near and remote cause of the deadly crash.

May the souls of all the dearly departed find rest 🙏.


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