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What a way to win. A well deserved victory for the best nan for the job Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo as the next Governor of Anambra state
Incoming Governor, His Excellency, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo
Riding confidently to the Government House
A worthy man

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE EGGHEAD KNOWN AS ‘PROFESSOR CHARLES CHUKWUMA SOLUDO’. The immensely brilliant Professor of Economics has done superbly well by annihilating all comers leaving no doubt about who was the master of the game.

The PDP and APC had expected the unexpected to happen in Ihiala, maybe their unprecedented magic that they couldn’t perform all round was going to finally l happen in Ihiala LGA which would have been contrary to type and which would have been resisted and vehemently so anyway. The election is now done already and APGA, Willie Obiano & Charles Chukwuma Soludo have carried the day!

Delivering a masterstroke of a victory with 112, 229 votes representing more than 50 plus percent of the total vote casted and winning nearly everywhere in the state bar 2 LGAs.

So Saturday and Sunday November 6 and 7, even Tuesday 10, 2021 came and it’s gone already and afterall, one of the 2 best candidates out of the total of 18 that participated in that Anambra state Governorship election 2021 in the person of ‘Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo’, 61 of Aguata LGA of Anambra State and of APGA, incidentally the party currently in power in Anambra state won without a shadow of doubt and he was followed by PDP’s own flag-bearer Valentine Chineto Ozigbo 51, also of Aguata LGA of Anambra.

In the run up to the election proper itself, it was quite obvious that it was going to be at most, a 4 way battle between Charles Chukwuma Soludo (APGA) vs. Valentine Chineto Ozigbo (PDP) vs. Emmanuel Andy Uba (APC) vs. Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah (YPP). With any of either Soludo or Ozigbo likely to carry the day eventually, depending on who wanted it the most.

The APC candidate in the person of the former Governor of the state (only for the shortest time ever) and a former Senator, Dr. Emmanuel Nnamdi ‘Andy’ Uba also from Aguata LGA and YPP’s own Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah, a billionaire oil and gas tycoon owner and chairman of Capital Oil and Gas and an incumbent distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic representing Anambra South Senatorial District came 3rd and 4th respectively in the actual election.

The YPP candidate Senator Ifeanyi Ubah had in 2019 defeated 25 others which included a duo of blood brothers Andy 62 and Chris Uba in the Senatorial election for Anambra South Senatorial District which Ifeanyi Ubah represents now. Of the 2 brothers, the elder Andy also participated in this weekend extended gubernatorial contest where he again lost out, infact he was a distant 3rd in race.

These brothers have become ‘perennial losers’ in most of the elections they have always participated in, except maybe the one Andy supposedly won at one time to become Governor but was soon ousted and Peter Obi took his place. That stint is still the shortest ever in the history of Nigeria! There is still that controversy that he never actually won the election that made him a Senator.

All the other political parties that presented a candidate each for this election apart from APGA, PDP, APC & YPP were just there to make up the numbers as they weren’t that much on ground or better still entrenched to cause an upset or to do anything that would have been considered extraordinary.

The electorate in this election, meaning the few numbers that actually voted, did very well to have voted for the eloquent, brilliant and award winning former (CBN Governor 2004 to 2009), with the interesting and intimidating pedigree.

From when the Governorship debate powered by AriseTV happened, it was obvious for all to see that it was a sure victory for the Professor to lose. As he was clearly ahead of all others by every yardstick or parameters one could judge it by.

First and foremost, he had the full support of his Governor, in the incumbent
Willie Obiano, who is also from APGA and who gave him 200% support to become the man who would take over the mantle of leadership from him.

Second of all, the Professor himself is actually eminently qualified, some may even view it as over qualification. Infact he is a first amongst equals to vie for the post of the Governor of Anambra state.

Thirdly, the Professor actually gave the best performance of all the candidates that participated at that organised debate, prior to the election proper.

His undoubted confidence, his eloquence, his grasp of the matter as it concerns his state and what he hopes to do, his outstanding and unblemished academic portfolio, his record of excellence in both public and private services over the years, his local and international connections and loads more, actually set him apart fantastically from the others.

Showcasing him as the man to beat, he only needed to be a part of the right political party/platform in the state for him to steamroll all other comers in the election.

And he apparently chose wisely too by joining one of the 2 strongest parties in the state and then the support to get him to power was as was expected too.

The only other person that could have won against him, were Soludo to have been less intimidating all round, would have been the private sector juggernaut, the avowed gentleman and philanthropist Valentine Chineto Ozigbo of PDP, the former CEO of Transcorp Plc, who if he had won, it would have meant a close chum of the billionaire Chairman of UBA Group and founder/chairman of Heirs Holdings, in the person of Tony Elumelu Jnr. would have been the Governor of most likely the wealthiest state in the South East, at least by virtue of the highest concentration of some of the wealthiest South Eastern (ibos) people of Anambra.

The state is in dire need of someone with uncommon intellectual acumen, impressive political sagacity, intimidating and powerful local and international connections, brilliant native and scientific intelligence with excellent ideas and more to make it, the ‘shining star’ of the East that it should have been all the while.

Anambra state is in the need of someone (a committed leader) that can get those people of timbre and caliber that the state is overwhelming blessed with, either here or in the diaspora, who are in a sizeable count for that matter to join hands in progress building with a right thinking, ideas driven government of the day, all of whom will invest in the state and help to build a model modern state that would be the envy of all- most especially in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

Like it is rightly said- “it is from home that we carry the treasures abroad”, a right thinking Governor of Anambra State can use the state to showcase the excellence of the Ibo race in all ramifications and showcase without a doubt what they are blessed with in terms of human resources and more to the world.

If Anambra is well governed and with the right ideas, it could soon rival Lagos to a certain extent and that could trigger the much needed revolution in the South East as per development and more and put a stop to the other types of agitations that has been inimical to the region’s growth.

Just imagine a total upsurge in the internally generated revenue of the state. Just imagine the provision of the basic needs for the populace. Just imagine developments in all the key areas of the state that would touch the masses. Just imagine the provision of adequate security for lives and for goods too. Just imagine providing an enabling environment/atmosphere for investment. A massive employment drive that can give some sort of jobs to the teeming highly agitated youths- educated and uneducated, who have too much play time at hand, a large percentage that could be gainfully engaged. Just imagine a massive industrialisation drive, where the many millionaires, multimillionaires, billionaires of the state are encouraged to build or set up industries, private entities for just about anything in the nooks and crannies of the state. That would immediately translate to more employment and it would mean more tax gained for Government too.

How come Anambra and by extension the South East is not bursting at the seems with industries, with the quite large percentage of the wealthy in the region?

In the person of Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, is a symbol of great hope, the hope that a near Eldorado is achievable and possible starting from his 1st 4 years with hardwork, wisdom, diligence, focus, community effort and more.

On paper, Professor Charles C. Soludo fits perfectly into the mold or model of the hope flag bearer. One now only hopes he would not just be a paperweight or pretender with a loud mouth that makes lot of noise without action when he takes over the reins of the state!

He must get his team right (near perfect) from the get go. A team of excellent ideas people who are also very pragmatic, who would hit the ground running. He must have a blueprint to execute with dispatch and with proper timelines too. He has no excuses to fall back on. Anything about the indebtedness of the state by past administrations and sundry issues wouldn’t hold water.

He has made a lot of mouth already, knowing fully well that such problems would exist in the 1st place and he must fulfill his promises to the people.

This is not about high fallutin theories, but things must be practical. He cannot afford to trample down on the hopes of those that have voted him in and believes in him as some sort of messiah.

He must showcase gallantly to the world what it means, when someone of his type of intellectual capacity/sagacity holds the reins of a state in Nigeria. If he is able to do great in Anambra, Nigerians wouldn’t ever again look for or fall for fake miracle workers who are liars and thieves most often, but would look forward to people that are practical and therefore would never ever again vote for political nincompoops.

He would have also led by example in the South East.

What the South East actually needs to do is to showcase how to re-engineer a state that’s actually only just existing to one that becomes the example for all in all ramifications, in terms of leadership, stewardship, economic development, wealth creation, growth and far more.

A region that is self sufficient and therefore exemplary would soon become an attractive bride for all by default!

Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo was born on July 28, 1960, just nearly 3 months to Nigeria’s independence on October 1, 1960.

He had his 1st, 2nd degrees and then PhD at the famous University of Nigeria Nsukka Enugu State. 1st degree was a First Class in 84, 2nd degree was Msc with distinction in 87 and then PhD in distinction in 89, all as a best student award winner. He became a Professor of Economics at his alma mater in 1998. His resume his staggering to say the least.

In this election that he won, he cleared 19 LGs out of the available. That says a whole lot. 58000 more votes than the next person is not a joke at all.

So while APGA annihilated all, PDP, APC & YPP followed at a distance in that order respectively. Infact the total votes of both the PDP & APC, if they had decided to join forces together, couldn’t have defeated the might of APGA 112,229 at 97,092 (53807+43,285) and even if the YPP votes of 21,262 were added to the mix, it would have just been near 6000 votes more than the total that Soludo of APGA got, meaning it was a comprehensive bashing that he delivered on all. Were it to be another time, this would have been considered as a LANDSLIDE victory!

A new dawn beckons.


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