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So unfortunate to hear of the sad passage of the 10 year old son of the late Nollywood legend Chico Ejiro and his beloved wife Joy Chico Ejiro.
Viano Chico Ejiro
Late Viano and mom, Joy Chico Ejiro

An unbelievably sad period right now for the Ejiros. As just when they were finally coming to terms with the sad demise of ace Nollywood legend Chico Ejiro just a few months ago, disaster has struck again decimating the clan by another one.

The very ugly nature of death was revealed again 2 days ago in far away USA, when without any type of remorse, death struck again and just took away the youngest son of the late Nollywood legend Chico Ejiro and his devastated wife, Joy Chico Ejiro.

‘Viano Chico Ejiro’ was just 10 years old and the young man was a warrior from when he was born, till the day he gave up his last breath, after a long stretched battle he fought all his life against the evil cankerworm called cancer!

It wasn’t too long ago that Joy had to bury her beloved husband after he succumbed to a heart related death, after he was taken to the hospital ill, from where he never came out alive again, as he gave up the ghost on that sad day on December 25, 2020, on Christmas day for that matter. And now just a few weeks to the 1st memorial anniversary of the gentleman, many used to address as the General, she has just lost one of her beloved kids, her last born son for that matter, one that she had battled gallantly to help save all of this while!

In order to help him get the very best medical care available to help save her son, as he fought the battle of his life to a standstill, she had to drop everything, she practically left everything to relocate abroad at one point in her life. It was a topsy-turvy period. If it were possible for Joy to have exchanged her life for her beloved son’s own, she wouldn’t have thought twice about it!

She was practically on call 24/7 of the day to give every type of support and care needed, so that he would live. At a point everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief as it was thought that the worst may have been over finally at least to a certain extent, but only for the sad news to now creep in to shatter all hopes 3 days ago on, (Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 8:50 pm American time) to be more precise and so unfortunately too, that despite all, the boy is now gone!

No sign of any illness or sudden issue, he just slipped away just like that!

Our very sincere and heartfelt condolence goes to a true mother indeed ‘ a battle honed warrior- Joy Chico Ejiro’ and the entire Ejiro family over the sad loss of “Viano Chico Ejiro”.

May the soul of the dearly departed find rest.

And may God give strength to the bereaved to bear the irreparable loss.


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